Centric ranked among top 3 outsourcing providers


In their recently published annual IT outsourcing survey, experts from Quint Wellington Redwoord and research firm Whitelane Research ranked the Netherlands’ top-performing IT outsourcing providers.

Users of IT outsourcing services awarded their providers an average rating of 7 out of 10, with Amazon, Centric, TCS and Accenture receiving the highest customer satisfaction ratings. Centric achieved the second-highest score on customer satisfaction in the Data centre managed infrastructure and hosting domain, and came first in the End-user services and collaboration solutions domain.

Thanks to these excellent ratings, Centric has moved up three spots in the survey’s overall ranking (after coming fifth last year).

The survey

The survey asked the two hundred largest users of IT outsourcing services to evaluate the collaboration with their providers. In total, the survey covered over 550 IT outsourcing contracts with a value upwards of €1 million.

Customers provided the researchers with input on the service providers they use, rating them on quality, service, innovation and collaboration.

The survey also showed that more than 2 out of every 5 organisations in the Netherlands are planning to outsource more of their IT over the coming two years. Of this surge in outsourcing, most is expected to take place in the financial services sector. The main reasons prompting Dutch organisations to outsource their IT are to focus on core business, improve service quality and achieve cost savings.

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