Internship in DevOps and Cloud Engineering

Student 30 hours DevOps and Cloud Engineering

Vacancy: Internship in DevOps and Cloud Engineering

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Ready to take the next step and become an IT professional?

Centric IT Solutions Lithuania, a fast-growing IT company from the Netherlands is looking for interns in DevOps and Cloud Engineering. We are inviting young talents to join our team for 3 months starting in June! You would be working together with high-skilled IT professionals on Azure Cloud infrastructure and learn various automated methods for infrastructure deployment. Internship is paid ;)

Internship starts in the beginning of October.

Varied work at interesting company

Pleasant atmosphere and enthusiastic colleagues

We'll help you to become an expert in your field


  • Studies in Computer science or Software Engineering or related IT field
  • Basic knowledge in the areas of IT infrastructure (Server guest OS, Networking, Virtualization)
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Azure or AWS (tried out building servers and configuring networking in Public cloud)
  • Basic Knowledge of shell scripting (any kind, including PowerShell), Linux, Windows preferable
  • Interest to learn DevOps way of working using automation/configuration management tools like Ansible, Terraform
  • Ability to communicate in English
  • Ability to work both independently and in groups; Strong desire to learn new technologies and explore new and creative ways to solve problems

If your internship ends in employment ...

We appreciate our committed employees and we complement that with a commitment of our own - our benefits package. We care about your wellbeing, work life balance, education and we celebrate our milestones. Our benefits to employees include:

  • Additional health insurance – we care about your health.
  • 3rd pillar pension funds – we care about your future.
  • Accident and travel insurance – we want to support you in unexpected situations.
  • Additional vacation days – we understand the importance of your rest.
  • Employment anniversary bonus scheme – we are grateful for your commitment.
  • Flexible remote working possibilities - we want to provide convinient work schedule.
  • Trainings and certifications – we care about your personal development.
  • Birthday vouchers – we want to make you happy.
  • Team building events – lets have fun together!

From former intern - your future colleague

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Hi! I am Tadas, Junior DevOps and Cloud Specialist and former intern at Centric IT Solutions Lithuania. I'll be more than happy to tell you all about internship at Centric and where it might lead you :)

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  • What did you like most about your internship?

    Support from team is what I liked from internship the most, because at the beginning of internship I lacked knowledge about Kubernetes, DevOps and other used technologies. So support from team was a really big booster for increasing knowledge.

  • What was your team and your mentor like?

    My team is friendly and willing to help if problem occurs and also it’s good to know that our team have one purpose - to deliver best quality work/product and not to compete with each other. Mentor wasn’t only the task creator for my internship, but also career adviser, during internship we had several meetings in which we discussed about my carrier possibilities.

  • What kind of projects are you working on right now?

    Currently I am working on project “Atlas” with various of tasks from creating/deploying applications in Kubernetes to bootstrapping custom Kubernetes cluster.

  • What are the best activities during the day?

    My mind is telling that working with new and interesting technologies is the best activities during the day, but my stomach says that free ice cream in the kitchen is the best :)

  • How do you keep up in your field – what is the latest thing that you’ve learned?

    There are multiple things that I do to keep up in my field. Main thing is keeping my eye on new releases of technologies that I work with (Slack or Technologies blog posts). I recently learned building custom controller for Kubernetes cluster and about advanced Kubernetes infrastructure, and its components.

The interns of Centric don't want to leave

Internship at the IT company - a double leap forward

Jurga Schulze, Talent Acquisition Specialist

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Jurga Schulze, Talent Acquisition Specialist

If you have any questions, contact Jurga by phone +370 610 82279 or email:

Application process

  • Applying for a role

    When you find your ideal vacancy, simply click “Apply now” button and share your CV in English with us.

  • Our turn

    Your details are sent to our Talent Acquisition Team. If your knowledge and experience meet our expectations, we’ll give you a call!

  • Let’s meet!

    There are 3 stages of interviews before becoming a part of Centric family: during them we’ll tell you about us, you’ll tell us about you, we’ll talk about technical stuff and much more!

  • Our offer

    If we have a match, you will be presented with an offer to join Centric! Start counting down the days till start, because we cannot wait to welcome you on board!

  • Onboarding

    Once you sign the offer and later the contract, we will make sure that your start at Centric is smooth and exciting! Be ready for an amazing journey – go go go!