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Work on your personal development at Centric!

You want to become an expert in your profession, keep up with the latest developments and grow, both professionally and on a personal level. Centric can help you do that, irrespective of your position in the organization, because continuous growth will help you enjoy your work and make the difference for our customers.


Hot off the press today, but old news tomorrow. It’s crucial to keep up with all the latest insights, to keep your technical expertise up to date and know what's happening on the market. Centric provides a variety of training courses, including ones that will help you develop your personal skills. Want to get certified? Centric will get you there with pride!


You can also get new insights by attending events, and Centric gives you plenty of opportunities for that. You can find us at events and gatherings on topics like AWS, Azure, DevOps, Docker or Kubernetes. And if you fancy taking the stage yourself, we’d love to give you the chance to share your vision, because sharing is caring!

Knowledge groups

Want to dig deep into your subject, together with your peers? Centric has dozens of knowledge groups that work on complex technical issues, organize meetings and are experts answering questions from the rest of our organization. You can also join a knowledge group to help us brainstorm on the developments that Centric should be investing in. This will give you a direct influence in the choices Centric makes in your area of expertise.


Centric takes growing young talents very seriously – that’s why universities and colleges are our strong partners for ‘trading’ knowledge both ways. We constantly have internship programs for students here in the office, participate in various events, help with improving study programs, grant scholarships and much more!

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