How to enable noise suppression on Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams has a feature that can automatically suppress unwanted background noise during meetings and calls. This feature uses Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to analyze audio in real-time to isolate the human voice and apply a filter to the surrounding noises that can interfere and distract other participants during a meeting.

The noise suppression feature includes three levels of suppression:

  1. Auto. This allows Microsoft Teams to determine the noise reduction automatically.
  2. Low. This will remove persistent unwanted noises.
  3. High. This will remove all noises except speech, but it requires specific hardware and uses more system resources.
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To enable noise suppression in the Microsoft Teams you can use the steps below.

1. Open Microsoft Teams.
2. Click the Profile menu from the top-right.
3. Select the Settings option.

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4. Click on Devices from the left navigation pane.

5. Under the "Noise suppression" section you can use the drop down menu to choose the correct level of suppression.

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When these steps are followed, meetings and calls will no longer contain annoying background noises.

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