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In this article I am going to have a closer look at the new feature that Microsoft recently released, Productivity Score. Because of the pandemic and the still growing amount of people that are working from home, Microsoft looked at ways to give organizations insight into how people are working and collaborating (from home). In the past you had the default Microsoft 365 report, but this did not give a deeper insight on how productive users were in their daily activities. With the release of the Productivity Score dashboard things changed and this tool gives us much more ways to drive and improve productivity throughout an organization.

How do we enable the Productivity Score dashboard?

To get things on the road you first must enable the Productivity Score dashboard and wait about of 24 hours for Microsoft to collect all telemetry data from all it’s services.

You can enable the Productivity Score dashboard by going to the following url:, then go to Reports, Productivity Score and click on "Enable Productivity Score".

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Then the waiting begins, you will have to wait for the dashboard to get filled up with information. Once all data has been collected, your dashboard will be populated and will be displaying different categories that Productivity Score looks at.

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When you look at the different categories you will see a breakdown of each category, which shows a lot of useful information about that particular category. When I am looking at the Meetings category, see the pictures below, it shows me that 87% of the meetings that are organized contain one or more meeting best practices.

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This also shows that in 90% of the meetings that are organized, at least 1 person is present who uses the cam.

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When you click on “View resources about meetings” this option will give you useful links to Microsoft documentation about meetings which you can share within the organization.

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Final verdict

I think it's a useful tool that can provide insights and can help organizations to let their end users be more productive.

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