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I was already a Cloud fan, but Microsoft Inspire got me even more enthusiastic. I was inspired not only by new major technological breakthroughs in different solution areas, but also by improved insights into the culture and people that we need to be able to digitally transform and use these Cloud technologies and services.

The Cloud, also known as "the world's computer", puts previously unreachable technologies within reach. The Cloud democratises and enables digital transformation within every company. And with the digital transformation, every company is gradually becoming a software company.

There is a downside to the latter, however. According to Satya Nadella, the technical workforce in the non-technical industry is growing 11 per cent faster than the workforce hired in the technical industry. As a result, the demand for technical staff is always greater than the supply.

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The Microsoft Power Platform partly solves this shortage. Current company employees are being transformed into "citizen developers". Consisting of Power BI, PowerApps and Microsoft Flow, the Microsoft Power Platform enables these new developers to quickly and easily build custom applications and automate workflows. This allows them to improve their company’s productivity without in-depth development knowledge. However, this is only part of the solution to the shortage of technicians.

Enable people to keep up with all the latest technological developments. Learn, build up expertise, specialise and work together. Work together to make more possible. Work together as a team with your customers and partners. Work together to achieve more.

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