Exploring the Future of Testing

Insights on the future of testing based on the experience of Richard Bradshaw, aka The FriendlyTester.

About this event

"Testers need to become more technical.” “Testers need to learn to code.” “We won’t need testers in the future.” “Wewon’t need testing in the future.” “We can automate it all.” “Artificial intelligence will do all our testing.”

These are some of the statements I’ve heard or read recently on the future of testing. Each of these statements was followed by lots of opinions, facts and even data, but many of them still left me thinking, no that’s not going to happen.

But what is going to happen? Of course, we don’t know, but there's a lot of fun to be had in exploring some ideas and hypotheses - we’re testers after all!

Join me for this talk where I’m going to take my experiences, my position as a very active member of the testing community, and my wheel of topics as I share my insights on the future of testing.
- Richard Bradshaw


  • Recognize your vision for the future of testing
  • Identify future study topics
  • Questioning the future of testing

About the speaker

Richard Bradshaw, the director, and tester at FriendlyTesting, a company he started back in 2014.FriendlyTesting offers independent testing services, consulting, coaching and training withinsoftware testing.

He is also a well-travelled public speaker and the FriendlyBoss over at the Ministry of Testing, a professional learning network.

For safety reasons, this year, the talk will be hosted only online.

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All registered attendees will receive the access link to the event on the 1st of October. The talk will be hosted on Microsoft Teams, as a Teams Live Event, so please make sure you have downloaded the app prior to the event.

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