Innovating HR & Payroll solutions

From personnel administration to payroll processing, the HR department is the backbone of every organization. Centric, together with professional HR users, has developed the most versatile eHRM solution ever: Motion. There was no best solution yet, so we developed it ourselves, built by our Romanian and Dutch development teams.

From now on, employees of every organization can easily schedule a vacation at home on the couch and take a day off. Entering declarations can also be done with a smartphone or tablet. From recruitment to employment and promotion, Motion offers modern HR & Payroll services to all users. With a fantastic interface, Motion is available online every day from anywhere, using our own Centric cloud.

Our eHRM solution is based on the ultimate user experience, which makes it a unique product in the Dutch HR management market. It’s something we are proud to have accomplished with our amazing development teams.

Andrei Apetrei

Software Developer/ Technical Lead

"I’ve been with the project from the beginning. I went from being the least experienced person to being one of the most experienced on the project. That journey was, of course, challenging and rewarding. As acting Technical Leader for one of the teams, I now contribute to the quality of the project, establish best practices, and mentor junior colleagues. After I was given the opportunity to be more involved in decision making on the project, I feel more satisfied and motivated."

Alex Pavlov

UI/UX Designer

"I like the fact that I can do a lot of research about components and best practices. This gives me a deeper understanding of the project and my area of expertise. Also, this project has had a few versions and revisions, which I learned a lot from."


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