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Thanks for your application

Thanks for your application! We're excited to see that you want to become a Centrician. We'll take a look at your profile and if your experience and skills are a good match for one of our open roles, our recruitment team will contact you to set up a meeting. Have a good one!

Centric Energize

In late 2017, Centric started a Go Green initiative that encouraged people to use less paper and save energy. This initiative evolved into Centric Energize, which officially launched in June 2018.

Summer Practice

Summer Practice is Centric's series of workshops designed for university students and recognized by local universities in Iasi as summer practice. The purpose is to help students gather hands-on experience in technologies used at Centric in the fields of software development and QA.

Being a Product Company

While we work on both outsourcing projects and our own products, we pride ourselves on having a growth and product mindset. The opportunities that developing our own products provides us are very important to our culture and growth: the career development of our colleagues, stability during uncertain market conditions, innovative ways of meeting customer needs, creating complex products over time, and more. Find out what some our colleagues think.


At Centric, we see the protection of personal data as a very important part of our business operations and services. Protecting this data is the basis of our reliability as a supplier and partner. By personal data, we mean all information about an identified and / or identifiable natural person.

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