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Stockholm 2022-03-17 Underkonsult Project leader

Uppdrag: Change Manager

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You are an experienced senior change manager who thrives within a dynamic fast-paced environment, where you can apply your skills and provide guidance regarding change management and influence the change process as well as teach and communicate it to others. You’ll be someone who will add value to our existing team, secure quality change management according to a defined change process that you will help adapt to the customer's requirements. You will be key part in planning, documenting, and communicating changes to stakeholders and make sure best practices are followed. Drive key technical changes and provide a hands-on supportive technical approach.

You will work closely with the IT governance teams to articulate business problems and translate them into appropriate technical solutions.
You have superb communication skills and can rapidly adapt to changing business and user demands. You’ll have demonstrable problem-solving, analytical skills and business judgement as well as technical depth.

You will provide a single point of contact and is responsible for coordinating all change functions
within the customer. Receive, log, and allocate a priority, in collaboration with the initiator, to all RFCs Reject
any RFCs that are totally impractical.

  • Circulate all RFCs to the customer's CAB members in advance of meetings to allow prior
  • consideration
  • Decide which people will come to which meetings, who get specific RFCs depending on
  • the nature of the RFC, what is to be changed, and people's areas of expertise.
  • Convene urgent CAB or CAB/EC meetings for all urgent RFCs.
  • Represent the customer at all customer CAB and CAB/EC meetings.
  • After consideration of the advice given by the CAB or CAB/EC, authorize acceptable
  • Changes.
  • Identify the Forward Schedule of Changes (FSC) for customer changes.
  • Coordinate with all necessary parties to perform Change, building, testing and
  • implementation, in accordance with schedules.
  • Update the Change log with all progress that occurs, including any actions to correct
  • problems and/or to take opportunities to improve service quality.
  • Review all implemented Changes to ensure that they have met their objectives. Refer any
  • that have been backed out or have failed.
  • Review all outstanding CINT RFCs awaiting consideration or awaiting action
  • Close customer RFCs.
  • Produce regular and accurate management reports on customer changes.

Din profil och kvalifikationer

The Change Manager is accountable to the Change Management Process Owner and performs
the day-to-day operational and managerial tasks required by the process activities.

  • End-to-end responsibility for managing and coordinating changes within their functional
  • area
  • Awareness of the Customer’s business priorities, objectives and business drivers
  • Awareness of the role IT plays in enabling the business objectives to be met
  • The ability to use, understand and interpret the process and procedures to ensure
  • adherence
  • The competence, knowledge, and information necessary to perform the role
  • Accountability and authority for approval, coordination, and go/no-go decisions during the
  • lifecycle of all Changes Responsibilities (within functional area)
  • Ensure and promote the (correct) use of the Change Management process, policies and
  • procedures
  • Ensure reporting and information to Change Management and other processes are
  • provided.
  • Ensure that the Change Management Key Performance Indicators are tracked and met
  • Ensure that the Change Management process operates effectively and efficiently
  • Ensure that standardized methods and techniques are used for the preparation, building,
  • testing and implementation of changes to meet service levels and prevent change-related
  • incidents
  • Receive, accept, review, and allocate a priority, in collaboration with the initiator, to all
  • RFCs
  • Escalate all RFCs that require CAB review
  • Coordinate impact assessment, planning and authorization of RFCs in cooperation with
  • members of the CAB and ECAB
  • Contribute to the list of people who will be involved or informed of the Change
  • Convene and facilitate ECAB meetings for all Emergency Changes
  • After consideration of the advice given by the CAB or ECAB, authorize acceptable
  • Changes
  • Ensure Changes are added to the Change Schedule(s) and announcements are
  • distributed
  • Liaise with all necessary parties to coordinate Change building, testing and
  • implementation
  • Take actions to improve the handling of Changes within the Change Management
  • process to improve service quality
  • Review all implemented Changes to ensure that they have met their objectives
  • To be a representative for their department at the CAB meetings
  • Close RFCs
  • Coach Change Coordinators, Change Testers, Change Implementers and vendors in the
  • correct use of the process and procedures
  • Contribute to identifying improvement opportunities to ensure that the process and tools
  • are effective and efficient
  • Function as a point of escalation for Change Coordinators, Change Testers and Change
  • Implementers and Tier 1
  • Escalate process conflicts to the Change Management Process Owner

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