Centric IT Solutions Lithuania ranked among Top Lithuanian companies

According to Rekvizitai.lt, TOP COMPANIES are profitable business enterprises that create long-term value and build a solid foundation for Lithuania. Rekvizitai.lt nominates and awards companies that meet the set criteria only, trusting and recommending them as promising and economically stable companies that can be reasonably expected to ensure successful and sustainable cooperation. A mere 7% of Lithuanian companies meet the strict TOP Company 2021 criteria.

Opportunities and benefits of becoming a TOP Company in Lithuania:

  • Enhance public confidence in your company;
  • Use the status of an attractive employer to reassure your talented employees;
  • Present the award as evidence of your company's profitability and good financial reputation;
  • Emphasize your recognized leading position to facilitate the attraction of new markets in Lithuania and abroad;
  • Position your company as a recognized solid company in the eyes of your customers, employees, partners, investors, state authorities, banks and other members of the public;
  • Present your company as a company reasonably representing transparent business, innovation, competitiveness, responsibility and respect for its business environment, laws and moral principles.
  • Use the recognition for attracting strong partners who pursue mutual long-term value.

Selection criteria: profitable companies only, established two years ago at the least, timely submitting their financial reporting, if their turnover (income) within the recent two years was growing or remained stable or did not decline significantly, the number of employees remains rather stable or is rising, the companies did not appear on the lists of borrowers and debtors of various registries and had no considerable or long-term debts to the State Social Insurance Fund Board. The average wage per employee, which in the first half year of 2021 exceeded EUR 800, was also taken into consideration.

Centric IT Lithuania is beyond proud to be one of the top companies here in Lithuania. This recognition encourages us to move forward even more!