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At Service Desk it’s all about helping people so, practically, being a Superhero! Also, it’s a perfect place to kick start your career in IT field gradually gathering knowledge from no sweat to very knotty situations. Our large team solves all kinds of our colleagues and clients IT related issues – cases come from 9 countries, 6 continents and are turned into solutions right here in Kaunas.

By the way, our Superheroes are talented in languages – if you visit our office, you can hear specialists speaking in English, Norwegian and Swedish languages! However, we can confirm that laughter sounds the same in all of them.

Being a part of Centric Service Desk means opportunities to learn a lot – from Dutch language courses to ITIL practices, from growing a beautiful bamboo tree to mastering a foosball. After all, a person has to develop in diverse directions!

From your future colleagues

"Centric is an amazing place with great atmosphere where you can grow professionally"

I love working here because of my colleagues who I can surely call friends and dynamic work where no day is the same.

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Simas Kairys Service Desk Specialist

“Centric concentrates on people"

I really love working at Centric because Centric concentrates on people and this gives me an opportunity to grow freely both – professionally and personally.

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Tatjana Stankūnienė Service Desk Coordinator

“A very varied tasks that we do"

Even working in 1st line we have a very varied tasks that we do. It’s not a mundane 9 to 6 just resetting passwords or installing software. Helping with retail support requires knowledge about the software we support, and the fact that us helping them swiftly helps their store function is always a good time.

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Edvinas Čeilytka Service Desk Specialist

Working at Centric

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Working at Centric

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Edvinas Lučkauskas, Talent Acquisition Specialist

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Edvinas Lučkauskas, Talent Acquisition Specialist

If you have any questions, contact Edvinas by email, phone +370 610 82279, or on LinkedIn

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