Working at Centric

What you do is important. But the fulfilment you get from your job is also strongly determined by the working environment and atmosphere. To give you a sneak peak of life at Centric, we would like to tell you more about our corporate culture, employment conditions and benefits, development opportunities, and much more. But first, we would like to make you six promises.

Promise number 1

The people-first company ensuring stable work-life balance

We often use the phrase “#peoplecentricity” or “#peoplecentric” – because the company is nothing without its employees. We constantly talk with our employees about their needs – from personal to professional, from the favorable type of ice cream in the freezer to the most suitable automation tools for the job; from what type of benefits is best to provide, to where our strategy is headed. And also, Your free time is for You and Your loved ones.

Promise number 2

Non-corporate feeling in a big company

Yes, we do have the best of being corporate – we’re part of an international, big, financially, and workload-safe company, but without “being corporate”. It means, that we have a flat structure – you can chat about your ideas with CTO, eat lunch at the same table in the kitchen with the Senior Management, and know by name all your co-workers. It means, that there’s no five-story process to fill some form, get vacation days, or funding for the conference. All is quick, all is simple, all is one team for the same purpose.

Promise number 3

Collaborative, approachable, sociable people

When we’ve asked, what our employees enjoyed most about Centric, almost all of them said – amazing people, dream teams. Our employees provide simple and sincere communication and collaboration, from the first day on. Everyone is heard, everyone is valued, everyone is important. And this continuous after working hours as well – with initiative and desire from employees themselves and corporate help in fulfilling it – kayaking trips, game nights, beach tennis or volleyball, you name it. People enjoy spending time together, that’s how it is.

Promise number 4

Strong learning environment

No, we’re not talking about natural growth as a professional – where you do your job and become better every day – this comes as a default. We’re talking about professional growth where you have your individual improvement plans and budgets, where you’re constantly getting new knowledge and ways of working from conferences, seminars, and your leading – expert colleagues. You decide, what’s most important for you to learn, and we make it happen. Want to switch fields of expertise within the company? Why not, let’s try together. Are we hearing you saying “but sometimes learning takes more time than I can afford…” – not a problem, we give you a full paid day each month only for learning. And this applies to all – from the intern to the architect – after all, every architect was an intern someday.

Promise number 5

Opportunities to create

Being creative – that’s what we’re seeking from each of our team members; letting them do creative things – that’s our approach. Sure, there are restrictions or rules to follow, but some decisions are up to the one doing it. How to automate one or the other? You choose the way. Working on complex solutions? It's up to you to research and link existing solutions into one working product.

Promise number 6

Flexibility and freedom

This is, supposably, the widest one. We ensure you to have freedom and flexibility in as many decisions as possible. How you work, when you work, where you work – in office or in Palanga beach, up to you. The goal, we have in common – the job is done well, and everything else is only details.

Endless possibilities