DevOps & Cloud Academy

The demand for Cloud Engineering and DevOps competencies is on the rise. The Global Cloud Engineering Market size planning to reach USD 31.10 Billion by 2026 (Globe Newshire, 2021). Today, many businesses can’t function without the Cloud. In fact, some services and platforms you use everyday benefit, thanks to cloud technology. There is a significant shortage of talents in Cloud Engineering, Cloud Automation, and DevOps fields.

What is the DevOps and Cloud Academy?

  • The DevOps and Cloud Academy is a Centric-led 10-week theoretical and practical knowledge training. It is a great way to get to know DevOps and Cloud skills and even become a team member of Centric.
  • Academy will be led by the best experts in their fields who will share their practices in working on various international projects.
  • The DevOps and Cloud Academy will provide fundamentals for Cloud workloads deployment, administration, maintenance, automation, source code management, CI/CD, and DevOps best practices.
  • Students will have mentors assigned who will provide help and guidance throughout 10 weeks of the learning course..

How much does it cost?

  • You don‘t have to worry about paying us anything as the Academy will be completely FREE for selected attendants.

Why attend the DevOps and Cloud Academy?

  • Unique opportunity to approach a real-life environment with highly skilled professionals.
  • Possibility to obtain a concentrated knowledge of Cloud Administration and Engineering fundamentals.
  • Concentrated learning experience in Cloud management, DevOps practices, tools, and techniques.
  • You will have a chance to fill one of the seats at the DevOps and Cloud team as a full-time Centric employee.

Who can join the DevOps and Cloud Academy?

  • Anyone with fundamental knowledge in IT is welcome to try, including:
  • IT specialists from other fields (software development, service desk, infrastructure, support, quality assurance, etc. ) willing to requalify as Cloud and DevOps specialists.
  • University and college students with IT knowledge.
  • IT-savvy enthusiasts dealing with “IT stuff” at work or as a hobby, being passionate and willing to make a career in IT.

How to join DevOps and Cloud Academy?

  • Register yourself in the registration form.
  • Receive an invitation to join the Academy.
  • DevOps and Cloud Academy will take place in Kaunas office.
  • Start on 27th of September, every Tuesday and Thursday 6pm-9pm.

We will reach out by email to every applicant. Thank You!


See you soon!

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