Who we are

Hi! We are Centric. We believe in people. Centric is one of the largest IT companies in the Netherlands, with offices in 9 European countries. As one of the Netherlands’ largest IT service providers, we support thousands of organizations at home and abroad, including councils, banks, hospitals, retailers, haulers and construction companies. Our solutions really are everywhere and that makes sense when you consider that they let Centric customers focus on what they’re good at and leave the rest to us.

Lithuanian branch - Centric IT Solutions Lithuania - was established in Kaunas in 2018, as a Cloud Development Centre. We know that today the world is governed by those, who control the data and are able to understand it. That’s why here in Kaunas we build IT solutions in collaborative teams - from the Cloud platform, DevOps, Security engineers to Data engineers, Scientists, Software Engineering and Private Cloud Infrastructure teams. We also have an amazing international End User Management team that supports clients in English, Swedish and Norwegian languages.

People are what it’s all about

People are at the heart of our organization and they make Centric the success it is today. This is why we invest in our team and do everything we can to provide a work environment that will let them flourish and feel the best. We call that #peoplecentricity. Passionately working together on a company we’re proud of, that is what makes us Centric. #Itsallaboutyou

Strong competency centers

Lifelong learning is a way of living here in Centric – we understand that it is essential to learn constantly and be on top of all areas of knowledge, so being a part of our team means attending conferences, workshops, knowledge sharing events and much more!

Your guiding partner in the digital world

Centric works with dedication, fun and in-depth technical knowledge within a variety of industries to provide innovative products and services. We are proud of the customers we serve and our professionals who ensure that the quality of our service is paramount. And we took a moment to reflect on that, watch now!

Centric’s figures

  • 3,700 employees, almost 2,100 of whom are based in the Netherlands
  • 95 employees in Lithuania and growing;
  • 7 strong competence centers in Lithuania: Cloud Engineering, DevOps culture, Data Science Lab, Cyber Security, End User Management, Software Engineering and Private Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Operations in 8 countries: Belgium, Germany, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Sweden and Switzerland.

Endless possibilities