The interns of Centric don't want to leave


Just a few months after the official opening of Centric in Kaunas, the team has already been supplemented by three talented interns: the fourth-year students of Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) joined the teams of professionals from different fields for three months. After the first few weeks in the company, the young interns claim to have discovered the activities that they would like to engage in the future.

Jonas Krivas from Šiauliai, who is studying Internet Informatics at KTU, has been invited to join Centric DevOps engineering team responsible for processes that allow programmers and program support operators to work together to automate application installation in a variety of environments.

The young man was never interested in common programming, so he accepted the offer to get acquainted with DevOps engineer's work with great enthusiasm. Jonas says that upon his arrival to Centric, the first teleconference with colleagues from Holland has already left a huge impression on him, "I realized that I am working in a global company. It is enough to be present in such meetings to gain invaluable knowledge and experience."

Mantas Zdanavičius from Vilnius who is studying information technology engineering at KTU says that a computer had accompanied him since childhood. Initially, he observed his father's work, who is a graphic designer, and later started deepening his knowledge in various programs. Mantas chose information technology engineering early and deliberately, which was also the reason for choosing an internship in the Cloud Engineering department.

"Doing an internship in Centric was a purposeful wish, so I made a sincere effort to get in. I was attracted by the company's business profile and the fact that Centric is a Dutch company because I am considering continuing my education in the Netherlands", Marius says.

Dovilė Komolovaitė plans to continue her studies after graduating with a Bachelor in Applied Mathematics from KTU. A young woman who was crazy about mathematics since childhood is doing her internship in the DataScience department of Centric and claims to have finally discovered an activity that fascinates her.

“I was never sure what I would like to do, but I always knew what I wanted to study - math. So, choosing a course of study was easy - after all, even after school, all my hobbies were related to mathematics”

Dovilė Komolovaitė

Joining the team of Centric data analysts, Dovilė was given data and an assignment by her supervisor on the first day of her internship, and at the beginning of her second week of the internship, she had written most of the final practice report.

“What I had to do in three months, along with my supervisor at Centric, I managed to do in three weeks. Therefore, I have more opportunities and time to engage in other projects in this company related to system learning, image recognition, data mining," Dovilė says and adds that she is glad to be involved in such different projects.

An internship that points to the future career

According to the head of Cooperation Development department in KTU, Rimantė Sedziniauskienė, an internship is a very important part of the studying process.

"Often the place of practice for a student is one of the key steps towards the future career path. In fact, we are very happy to cooperate with companies in this area - we are constantly getting proposals not only for compulsory but also for additional student practice. This shows that companies appreciate the potential of KTU students, and are increasingly choosing to invest in the development of young people's skills. This is also confirmed by the active involvement of Centric in this process."

R. Sedziniauskienė notes that students often receive a job offer after the end of the internship. In total, in 2017-2018, more than 800 businesses and public organizations offered internships for KTU students. Students are also happy to choose internships abroad. Currently, our students are doing internships in 66 international companies and organizations.

Working with interns is part of the company's culture

According to Paulius Samoška, country manager of Centric IT Solutions Lithuania, every modern company is undoubtedly aware of the importance of having interns. "Centric interns are not just potential employees, student internships are a part of our company's culture. At the moment, we have started our first internship program with KTU students in Kaunas and we are very happy about that. From day one interns were fully involved in the Cloud, DevOps, Data Science teams and started interacting with both departmental professionals and colleagues in other countries. In the future, we plan to draw experience from Centric headquarters in Holland when students do their training in different countries," P. Samoška said.

  • Centric interns work part-time - 6 hours a day - and have a flexible schedule.
  • What is the most attractive thing about joining Centric? "The fact that we feel an immediate part of the team," Interns answer unanimously.
  • "I have never tried or actually done such work, so I receive a lot of training, try tools that I have only heard of in theory and gain a lot of knowledge," Jonas says.
  • "Touching upon different organizational cultures when communicating with foreign partners, Centric team's helpfulness and the ability to integrate us interns and make us feel equal with professionals is an invaluable experience," Dovilė shares her impressions.
  • "After the first few weeks in Centric, I told myself: this is one of the companies where I could imagine myself working even after ten years," Mantas said with a smile.

Endless possibilities