KTU and Centric started their cooperation

On the first week of April, Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) signed a cooperation agreement with the Dutch IT company Centric IT Solutions Lithuania. The start of official cooperation was marked by four scholarships established by the company for talented KTU informatics students.

Already in May, four 500 Euro scholarships will be awarded to students of the Faculty of Informatics at KTU who carry out various activities in the field of cloud engineering, for example, conducting research or participating in applied scientific activities, publicizing scientific publications, participating in competitions related to this subject, and so on.

“Kaunas University of Technology and business organizations based in our city are important parts of Kaunas and the region. Ambitiously striving for our university to become a leader in technological sciences not only in Lithuania but also in the Baltic region, we are developing a dialogue with business, exchange ideas, culture and strive for added value for both sides. I am delighted that we will continue to pursue these goals with a youthful, ambitious and up-and-coming company like Centric IT Solutions Lithuania," KTU Rector and professor Eugenijus Valatka emphasized.

Paulius Samoška, head of Centric IT Solutions Lithuania, has no doubts about the benefits of mutual cooperation, "Although we have been operating in Lithuania for less than a year, we have already launched an official partnership and cooperation program with one of the most important Lithuanian universities - KTU. We start by establishing a scholarship for gifted informatics students and in the future, we plan to extend it to natural science and mathematics students. Mentoring, sponsorship, and support for educational institutions and talented students is a part of Centric's culture, which we are pleased to introduce and plan to expand over the years in Lithuania."

Although the official co-operation agreement was signed on April 3, the organizations had started developing the projects earlier. Mantas Lukoševičius, head of the Centric IT Solutions Lithuania group, is a member of the KTU Informatics Study Program Committee, contributing to the improvement of this program and quality of the studies with his knowledge and experience. Just a few months after the official launch of Centric IT Solutions Lithuania in Kaunas, the company was supplemented by three talented trainees, KTU students, who joined the teams of different professionals for three months.

By signing the contract, both sides committed themselves to collaborate in organizing and implementing research, human resources, and other projects; to develop a scientific output together, exchange and organize scientific and technological information, solve technological problems and cooperate in creating conditions for scientific research. The commitments of Centric IT Solutions Lithuania include informing the university about the need for specialists, providing feedback about the graduates working in the company, organizing student internships and appointing the qualified employees of the company as consultants on students' theses and final works as well as sending company's representatives to give lectures to students about the latest technologies.

We would like to remind you that the Dutch company Centric - currently having established subdivisions in 9 countries - is one of the leading providers of software and IT solutions in Europe. At present, Centric IT Solutions Lithuania in Kaunas employs nearly 40 IT, data science and technical consulting specialists of various profiles, who are creating and maintaining innovative IT infrastructure and data solutions and services that ensure the stability of Centric customers and partners' businesses.