Centric IT Solutions Lithuania opens up the first ever DevOps & Cloud Academy

Centric IT Solutions Lithuania opens up the first ever DevOps & Cloud Academy in Lithuania and invites IT professionals to deepen their knowledge for free

Centric IT Solutions Lithuania, a division of the Dutch IT giant Centric in Kaunas, has opened up first ever in Lithuania tuition fee-free DevOps & Cloud Academy, and selected fifteen motivated participants who will deepen their knowledge, both theoretical and practical, in the field of cloud computing and DevOps practices. The brightest graduates of the Academy will then have the opportunity to join the company and expand their knowledge further through practical work.

A place for both theoretical and practical knowledge

DevOps & Cloud Academy is the first academy of its kind in Lithuania created for students with coding experience, professionals in IT and other fields who want to change career direction. Being one of the major DevOps and cloud computing bases in Lithuania, Centric decided to share its expertise with people to want to grow professionally and take their career in a different direction. The Academy will last for 10 weeks, during which the students will get to deepen knowledge intensively.

“Shortage of cloud computing and DevOps professionals is not an issue limited to Lithuania—this is a global reality. Building experience free of charge in these fields, however, is difficult. For this reason, we decided to set up a free DevOps & Cloud Academy and share our expertise with motivated students. We did not anticipate such a high interest, however, when a call for submissions was announced in summer, so we had to be very selective and chose highly motivated students. After this Academy is over, we’ll start planning for the next year and have even been considering expanding to include the capital city,” says DevOps & Cloud Academy organiser Ernestas Bacevičius.

For the duration of the course at the Academy, the students will deepen their knowledge of cloud workload deployment, administration, maintenance, automation, source code management, and will learn from the best DevOps practitioners. Lectures will be given by eight experts in the field—Centric IT Solutions staff and alumni who are going to share valuable practical and theoretical knowledge. Every student will have a mentor to help them with any challenges of the learning process. Eglė Valantinė, HR manager at Centric IT Solutions Lithuania, says that the company will also invest in building relationships among students: “Our plans include inviting participants not just to learn formally but also spend time in an informal environment, get to know their lecturers, and the Centric community. We believe that this balance of activities will further motivate the Academy’s participants.”

Opening event for participants

The opening event of the DevOps & Cloud Academy attracted both students and lecturers of the Academy as well as honoured guests. The event held a panel discussion where participants discussed current challenges of the IT market in the world and in Lithuania.

Dainius Aksinavičius, head of Centric IT Solutions Lithuania, noted the fact that the market is not yet familiar with DevOps and cloud computing specialties – this is one of the key reasons why it was decided to establish the Academy. "Universities do not prepare specialists, they prepare educated people who then decide for themselves in which field they want to improve. I am glad that we can provide this opportunity to the first 13 students of the Academy. I hope that in a few years the Academy will grow: we will meet not only in Kaunas, but also in other Lithuanian cities".

The first group of the DevOps & Cloud Academy students will start learning on September 27th this year.

For more information about the Academy go to: https://careers.centric.eu/lt/devops-cloud-academy/

About Centric IT Solutions Lithuania

Centric IT Solutions Lithuania is a division of a Netherlands-based company Centric in Lithuania that offers IT services and engineering solutions, servicing customers in the Dutch, Scandinavian and other European markets. Centric is one of the leading suppliers of software and IT solutions in Europe. The branch in Kaunas develops and supports innovative, pragmatic IT infrastructure and data solutions and services that assure business stability for Centric’s customers and partners.