Centric IT Solutions Lithuania launches an employee ambassador program

Centric IT Solutions Lithuania, the Lithuanian branch of Centric, is starting to implement an employee ambassador program. Employees who are interested in gaining new skills and becoming an active presence in digital media are invited to join the program.

Currently, we are hearing more and more about employee ambassadorship programs, but there are still not many companies in Lithuania that are already implementing such programs.

Centric IT Solutions Lithuania began its journey towards implementing an employee ambassador program almost a year ago. Initially, we started with a test version of the program, experimented with various activities, and now we have updated the program based on feedback from our employees. Today, we are proud to announce the official ambassador program launch.

Centric is a company that prioritizes its people – they are the most important here. According to Dainius Aksinavičius, the head of Centric IT Solutions Lithuania, employees are the best ones to reveal the company's organizational culture, present the organization, and showcase its real-life experiences. To achieve these goals, the company has decided to launch an employee ambassadorship program.

„Our aim with this program is to engage and empower our employees, encourage them to share stories from the company's life, and help them create their personal brand on social media. At Centric, we always strive to improve our organizational culture and share our best practices. We are convinced that involving our employees is the key to achieving this“, – notes Dainius Aksinavičius.

Employer branding specialist Ernestas Bacevičius adds that their employees are invited to join the program and gain new skills during it.

„We invite our employees to actively join the program, and we are ready to offer our assistance to make this process as smooth and simple as possible. We understand that communicating on social networks is not always easy, so we are ready to provide useful knowledge on how to do it. Once an employee becomes an ambassador, we will provide training in public speaking, creative writing, self-presentation, and communication with the media. The training topics will depend on the personal skills the ambassadors want to develop“, – says Ernestas.

After becoming a Centric company ambassador, training in public speaking, creative writing, self-presentation, communication with the media will be organized. The topics of the training will depend on what personal skills the ambassadors want to develop. By achieving the goals, the ambassadors will be able to win tickets to international IT conferences and take advantage of other benefits provided by the program.