International success story: how a service desk employee became a UI/UX designer

Mantas Ščajevas joined the “Centric IT Solutions Lithuania” team more than a year ago. He had an art degree but decided that technology was the field that he wanted to expand his knowledge in, which led him to a place where he can grow and improve professionally: two countries – Romanian and Lithuanian divisions of “Centric” collaborated to make Mantas goals come to life.

This international collaboration and especially Mantas’ motivation to make a change was an equation that brought another success story into “Centric” history. Mantas Ščajevas started taking steps in his career path while studying New Media Arts at Vytautas Magnus University. Still, his curiosity to get to know more about the IT sector made him change the lane in his career path. He received an offer from “Centric IT Solutions Lithuania” employee Rolandas, who invited Mantas to join the service desk team in the company.

While opening the doors of an IT-based company Mantas knew, that he wanted to grow and improve in this field: the moment he started working at “Centric IT Solutions Lithuania” he began pursuing his goal to become a UI/UX designer. Mantas started learning the specialties of UI/UX design by himself – he brought his intention to the biggest “Centric” UI/UX division in Romania, where already working colleagues have a profound proficiency in this field. His endeavor was not left unnoticed – the head of the UI/UX team from Romania not only motivated him to be a part of their projects but also found him a mentor, who is helping Mantas in every step of his UI/UX journey until this day.

Mantas shared with us, that he is glad for the given opportunities: “I am happy that the company allowed me to devote more and more hours to develop my skills and expand my knowledge in UI/UX design. After working at Service Desk, learning both by myself and with the help of a mentor, now I’m officially a junior UI/UX designer.”

Even though Mantas is a part of the “Centric IT Solutions” division in Lithuania, he is working on international UI/UX projects with a Romanian team. While sharing his experience Mantas says, that “working with an international team is dynamic, but always promoting improvement. Colleagues’ opinions can differ, but the motivation to find the best solution always leads to compromise. Their support is what makes me want to improve even more”.

Eglė Valantinė, HR Manager at “Centric IT Solutions Lithuania” says, that the collaboration in “Centric” leads to progress: “We noticed that the success stories of our employees motivate their colleagues to seek improvement. I am glad, that “Centric” is sharing its knowledge internationally and are working together towards better results and such stories”.