Expanded partnership with KTU: even more of Centric's contribution to the future of talents


This year we supplemented the agreement signed a year ago between Centric IT Solutions Lithuania and the most influential in the region - Kaunas University of Technology - with significantly expanded activities. In mid-June, we signed a cooperation agreement with the university's department of informatics in which we pledge to contribute to the preparation of study programs and study module tasks, to offer topics for bachelor's or master's theses, to contribute to the activities of the faculty committee, to provide internships for students, to contribute to ICIST conference and other events and projects initiated by KTU IF.

As our Country Manager, Paulius Samoška said at the signing of the agreement, "I am very pleased that the vision of KTU and Centric on cooperation coincide. Together we want to create added value for both the university, business, and society."

We have been laying the foundations of this active friendship from the very first steps in Lithuania - not only by offering internships or jobs to KTU graduates but also by helping the Faculty of Informatics to cultivate its students. We actively contributed to the events organized by KTU and IF, participated in GIFted job interview simulations, Spring Internship Day, Career Days 2019, GUIDed program, Internship Days Online 2020 event. Our specialists from Lithuania and the Netherlands give lectures to KTU students, are involved in the activities of KTU IF study program committees, participate in bachelor's thesis defense committees, and engage in student mentoring.

As many as 15 young people from KTU have had the opportunity to do an internship with us in the last two years, many of them staying to work and becoming part of our Centric family.