Discover beautiful Romania while working from anywhere

The last two years showed us that efficient work could be done outside our Palas office. The balcony, back yard, terrace, coffee shop, park, and other beautiful places in Romania became a potential workplace. Some of our colleagues shared the experience of working from anywhere in Romania and talked about what flexible working means for them. Our first talk was with Sebastian, a software developer, and travel enthusiast.

What does working from anywhere (in Romania) mean for you?

Flexibility at its best! It is a great feeling to visit places I've never seen before and work there simultaneously. I feel am more productive during those hours, and I can also enjoy the (new & beautiful) surroundings.

What are for you the advantages of flexible working?
Honestly: waking up after 9 AM :) But this comes with the costs of working until later in the afternoon.

What does a work day look like for you?
Reading - Breakfast - Scrum meeting - Work - Coffee - Work - More coffee - Lunch - Relax in bed - Work - Life.

Do you still go to the office sometimes?
Every 2-3 months, but especially when I have legal documents to sign. I also return to Iasi from time to time for personal business, and at that point, I also include a quick visit to the office.

What challenges did you face in working remotely, and how did you overcome them?
Taking a nap in the afternoon :) I overcome this by listening to hard rock music.

How do you keep "the human touch" in your team while working remotely?
Online coffee meetings and calls about non-work-related things.

Do you have a funny/ weird/ awkward story from your WFA days?
Summer has come, and sometimes I have calls without wearing a t-shirt. I keep the camera off :))).

What is the most beautiful place you worked from until now?
Mamaia and Colibita lake.

Do you have any recommendations/ tips & tricks for our readers?

Being close to my father in his last moments changed my life perspective. Don't take work so seriously, and don't mix work with personal life.