Whatever you want to call it - visionary, leader, manager, motivator - you have it in you to inspire others. To help colleagues make the most of their skills. To share your vision and get everyone going in the same direction. Sound like you? Then we probably have a good position for you in our company.

At Centric, you can go in any direction with your management skills. You can manage a small team of specialists or an entire department. You lead how you want to. At Centric, you get a lot of freedom and responsibility. You also get opportunities to sharpen your management skills. Do you want to follow a communication training? A workshop in inspired leadership? With us, every opportunity is open to you.

Software Development Manager

We listen to our colleagues and understand what makes them feel energized and fulfilled

Gabriel Csergo: "With the first Centric value in mind – People - we strive to listen to our colleagues and understand what makes them feel energized and fulfilled. We find suitable challenges for them, while always looking for win-win situations - the basis for a successful long-term collaboration."

Centric Iasi project team on the terrace having a coffee
Team Leader

One of the most important Centric values is People

Dana Antal: "Being a member of the leadership team has given me an overview of how the team works to create a great work environment for every Centric colleague. Why is this important? Because one of the most important Centric values is People. And since this starts with communication, we, as leaders, are always trying to improve our skills in order to be in sync with the people we are working with and to help them achieve their goals."

How can I help you?

Andreea Buliga

If you have any questions, contact Andreea by email, phone +40 722 541 430, or on LinkedIn.