Who we are

What makes working at Centric special is the enormous diversity of customers, industries, and expertise. We support thousands of organizations all over Europe, including municipalities, banks, hospitals, retailers, construction and transport companies. This provides an endless amount of career opportunities.

As experts in creating our own products and delivering outsourced projects, we know a thing or two about creating software products. We’ve been doing this since 2010 when Centric opened its Romanian office in Iasi. We started with a small team of five very dedicated developers who focused on our first project for the Dutch Public Sector. Now, we create products for various industries and fields, including the ones listed below.

  • The Dutch public sector - building apps for parking your car, paying your taxes, managing private documents, organizing events & more.
  • Supply chain - working as a full-service retail provider with Carrefour as one of our biggest customers.
  • Infrastructure - providing integrated solutions that developers rely on to build, test and deploy applications and users rely on to perform everyday tasks.
  • XR - designing and developing cutting-edge XR apps: 3D simulations, architectural visualization, road inspection, indoor navigation, bridge inspection, and a driving simulation

But we don’t shy from outsourced projects either and have teams working on projects in FinTech, Infrastructure and HR & Payroll.

Being a product company
Centric Iasi ORS team meeting on the terrace developer tester

Customers trust us every day

Centric is a Dutch IT company, which is now active in 8 countries across Europe. We serve customers from numerous organizations, whether they use one Centric application or outsource entire business processes to us. Our customers know they can rely on our software solutions and services and on the knowledge and commitment of our enthusiastic professionals every day.

It's all about people

People are the heart of our organization. They make Centric a success. That is why we invest in our employees and do everything we can to offer a working environment where everyone comes into their own and can continue to develop. We call that people centricity. Working together in a company that we are proud of - that is what makes us Centric.

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Your guiding partner in the digital world

Centric works with dedication, fun and in-depth technical knowledge within a variety of industries to provide innovative products and services. We are proud of the customers we serve and our professionals who ensure that the quality of our service is paramount. And we took a moment to reflect on that, watch now!

Centric by the numbers

  • 3,700 Centric people, of which almost 2,100 in the Netherlands. Around 400 in Romania.
  • Active in 8 countries: Belgium, Germany, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Sweden and Switzerland.
  • 200+ proprietary software solutions, with millions of users.