UI/UX Design

You like living in two worlds: empathizing with the end user and thinking like the development team. This means you will work with product owners and developers to help them create a plan and envision the product. The main goal - a product that helps the end user.

Every great product starts with a plan and a solid foundation. This is where you come in. You are a problem solver and creator - designing UI elements and pages, building proof of concept designs, creating interactive prototypes, and doing UX research. You will be an important part of the project, finding the best solutions for the customer and making products that users will fall in love with.

UI/UX Designer

At Centric, you can customize your schedule to fit your needs

Alex Pavlov: "The best part of being a UI/UX designer at Centric is being able to rethink and redesign applications, look back at the design journey, and see products brought to life. At Centric, you can customize your schedule to fit your needs. At some companies, they don’t allow this or it can’t be achieved due to the large difference in time zones."

UI/UX Designer

We don’t do too much outsourcing, so we have a bit more control over what happens

Elena Alupoaie: "It’s nice to work at Centric because we are focused on UX as well as UI, which means we are focused on people as well as the product itself. We have quite a few big projects and most of them are our own, so we have a bit more control over what happens."


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