Working at Centric

An environment filled with endless opportunities is what you can expect when you work at Centric. Now, you might be wondering... What makes working with us so full of potential?

What makes working at Centric special is the enormous diversity of our customers, of the industries we serve and of our own expertise. This diversity creates a limitless range of career opportunities. You can try-out different roles, choose and specialise till your heart’s content. If you can see an opportunity, we are here to help you realise it. This approach is based on our shared passion to improve ourselves and society. Every day. ​

We like to think of ourselves as driving our clients’ digital transformation. At the same time, we take pride in the fact that, in a small way, our solutions often also help society. ​

The people

Ambitious & committed

At Centric, you'll be surrounded by ambitious and dedicated colleagues, who are passionate about helping you, the organization, our clients, and society progress. We value and inspire one another, fearlessly embracing mistakes because we believe that new insights lead to even better results, both in the business realm and in your personal growth.

The projects

Impactful & ambitious

Our colleagues ensure that critical processes for our clients and society keep running smoothly, from hospitals to governments, online retailers to banks. Our IT services cover a wide spectrum, and at Centric, you'll be part of an international organization with many promising projects, no matter which area you wish to develop.

The expertise

Diverse & Complex

We confidently tackle the most complex IT challenges by combining specialized knowledge and software with technological innovations, enabling us to achieve impactful and unique results. Surrounded by the high quality and broad diversity of our services, you'll immerse yourself in the knowledge and experience needed to become the expert you aspire to be.

Surround yourself with opportunities

What other opportunities does Centric offer?

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Andreea Buliga

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