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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

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Manual. Automated. Load. Performance. Regression. Smoke. Security. UI. Database. Server. You like what you hear? These are all types of testing you can do at Centric. Our testers are active members of Scrum teams, communicating and collaborating with developers and product owners to make sure we deliver high-quality products.

That means our testers are valuable team members at every stage of the project. With users in mind, you help us improve the customer experience and satisfaction by finding flaws and defects before it’s too late. You help us improve our products and make sure they are the best they can be. It’s a big challenge. Are you up for it? Ready to be our next great quality detective?

QA software tester and software developer sitting together looking at code on a desktop computer
QA Lead

We can see something built and then released

Brindusa Gamaniata: "We build internal products, so we have the chance to go and talk with stakeholders. We can actually see something built by Centric and then released. On one of the projects I was working, the team had the chance to go to the Netherlands to visit the customer site. We saw how people were using the application and what their needs were. I felt very proud and fulfilled after that. It is an opportunity I’ve never had before. At Centric, you can grow your expertise from junior to senior and beginner to advanced in any area. We have learning opportunities in the software field and have experienced colleagues who we can learn a lot from. And we don’t just learn new things, we can apply them here."

Software Tester

Things are very flexible

Livia Fotache: "I like software testing at Centric because you have the opportunity to grow. Things are very flexible here. You have a pool of things you have to do and you can decide what you want to do, how you want to do it, and how Centric can help you. You can also spend time on activities outside of your project that can help you grow. You just have to balance your time between project work and learning, but it’s nice to have that opportunity."

Centric Iasi Testers and developers working as a team on a project product
QA Lead

We have more freedom and creativity as opposed to a more rigid way of working

Victor Saveanu: "Software testing at Centric gives you more freedom and encourages creativity as opposed to a more rigid way of working. We have the freedom to implement new testing procedures and frameworks, work on tasks that help us develop our skills, and share ideas about how we can improve the process and the project."

How can I help you?

Andreea Buliga

If you have any questions, contact Andreea by email andreea.buliga@centric.eu, phone +40 722 541 430, or on LinkedIn.