Develop yourself

One thing is certain: growth is guaranteed with the right environment. At Centric Romania, you can experiment, choose, and specialize (almost) limitlessly. When you spot opportunities, we're here to help you move forward. From training opportunities to career advancement, from international collaboration to cutting-edge software. Whether it's your professional or personal development, you can make good use of all the possibilities. After all, 'one size fits none,' right?

School of Centric

We are very serious about continuous development. That’s why we periodically organize training sessions or facilitate and financially support your desires to participate in different events meant to help you improve your technical and soft skills.

Our role is to support every employee in the process of continuous learning and professional development, facilitating access to over 25 different internal courses, conferences, over 100 books in an on-site library, 4 e-learning platforms and other learning resources.

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Mentorship Program

We value putting people first and helping them grow and develop. In line with these values, we created a mentorship program where junior colleagues can get guidance and support from more experienced colleagues. The goals of the program are to increase the transfer of knowledge from senior to junior colleagues, create a culture where knowledge is easily shared with others, and to help build honest relationships.

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We have multiple clubs where colleagues with similar interests and passions can meet to discuss topics and learn from each other.

  • Agile Club
  • Architecture Club
  • Speakers Club
  • Trainers Club
  • Automation Club
  • Book Club

Competence Centers

At Centric Romania, you will find people with a focus on multiple technologies, from .NET to SharePoint. To help them grow as a team and share knowledge, we have created Competence Centers, one-hour presentations in the following six areas: .NET, Cybersecurity, Quality Assurance, UI/UX, and Soft Skills.