Managed Services

The field of managed services is changing due in part to the rise of the cloud, but also through methodologies like DevOps and Scrum. As a team member of SysAdmin, Monitoring, DataComm, DevOps, Packaging, PowerShell, or Deployment, you get the opportunity to shape these innovations.

You could be working on managing workplace infrastructure, updating servers, monitoring networks across many countries, or helping deliver our SaaS applications. We have many challenging assignments working with interesting customers, so you will work on complex environments, automate traditional management work, and help standardize application development. With us, there’s room to research, innovate, and make your ideas happen.

Cloud Engineer

Our work really helps a lot of people

Florin Bizga: "The best part of my job is when we propose a new technology and colleagues start using it. We do a lot of research, work on something, create a proof of concept, and then we start seeing it used on projects. Our work really helps a lot of people."

Datacom Engineer

I really love when I build something and the engineer from the location says it’s working

Andreea Buzatu: "We are the people behind the scenes. Only a few people know us. But I really love when I build something and afterward the engineer from the location says it’s working, and they can do their job. Usually, if we do our job correctly, we are unknown. It means that everything is okay, and we did our job well."


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