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Threats are all around us, you know? The dark web is full of new ways to exploit users and break into applications. That’s why every day is a new challenge in the field of cybersecurity. You like to do research and consider yourself an ethical hacker who is ready to protect Centric projects against all current and future threats. You want to help people by making sure our applications are products people can depend on. If this sounds like you, talk to us about joining our Red Team.

They are trusted with an important job: improving the quality of all Centric products by performing penetration tests, vulnerability assessments, and other cybersecurity tasks. They are on the cutting edge of finding, attacking, exploiting and helping mitigate cybersecurity issues. Ready to make the internet a little safer? If you are an empathetic person with integrity, then the Red Team could use you.

Centric Iasi cybersecurity application security ethical hackers discussing a problem
Cybersecurity Coordinator

I make Centric trustworthy in the eyes of the client

Sebastian Agachie: "I think cybersecurity is an interesting field. I have a lot of responsibility because a lot of people depend on my work. One of my main goals as an ethical hacker is to help people by making sure they don’t get fooled by a hacker. That way, I make Centric trustworthy in the eyes of the client."

Ethical Hacker

At Centric, if you want to learn something, you can do it

Cosmin Stefanica: "What makes cybersecurity fun is the fact that every day there is something new – a new hack, a new exploit, a new way to hack into people’s data. You can’t get bored if you look into what’s happening since new things appear every week. If we want to focus on a certain cybersecurity issue, management lets us. If we want to learn new skills, they allow us to do that. The learning infrastructure at Centric has opened a lot of avenues for us, especially in the constantly changing field of cybersecurity. At Centric, if you want to learn something, you can do it."

How can I help you?

Andreea Buliga

If you have any questions, contact Andreea by email andreea.buliga@centric.eu, phone +40 722 541 430, or on LinkedIn.