It is a place to experiment, learn, feel safe to make mistakes and grow

Dive into the heart of Centric's culture with insights from Andrei, our Country Manager and a Centric veteran of over 13 years. From endless opportunities for growth and development to an environment that encourages learning and experimentation, discover what makes our team in Romania thrive. Whether you're considering a career with us or just curious about our work culture, Andrei's perspective offers a glimpse into the essence of Centric's promise: Surround Yourself with Opportunities.

What is your favorite part of working at Centric?

I've been with Centric for more than 13 years now, and I can say that none of them were dull. I'm not too fond of routine, so all the challenges I get to deal with and solve with the management team or other Centric colleagues are some of the main things that keep me here.

What opportunities does Centric provide for professional development and growth for its employees?

It might sound a cliché, but at Centric, we support our employees by offering multiple growth opportunities, like mentoring and coaching. They can develop their career by growing their seniority level, transitioning from a developer or software tester role to a PO or BA, or even from a technical role to a leadership one.

We strive to offer our colleagues an environment where they can experiment, learn, and feel safe to make mistakes, as they can also be a learning opportunity.

What are the key strengths and qualities that the people at Centric bring to the organization?

Alongside a high level of expertise, what I think makes our colleagues from Centric Iasi great is their team spirit, pro-activity, and continuous learning mindset.

Can you describe the culture and values that define the Centric team in Romania?

Our core values talk about continuous improvement, collaboration & team players, and creating an impact for our customers and community. They are not just words but something I see in my colleagues' behavior and work every day, and as I said earlier, they are part of the key strengths that make the Centric people great and Centric a great place to work.

What achievements or milestones are you particularly proud of?

At Centric, I've journeyed through various roles, from a software tester to a software development manager, and now as the Country Leader. Each position brought its unique challenges and triumphs. But what truly stands out for me is the culture we've cultivated at Centric Romania. Here, our focus is firmly on personal and professional growth. In an industry often seen as the 'sweetheart' of workplaces, where new job offers are frequent, it's our culture that stands out the most. We've grown a community where loyalty is more than just how long you've been here; it's about choosing Centric for meaningful reasons. Our team, including those who have been with us from the beginning, stay committed not just to their jobs but to the principles of growth and achievement we value. To me, this is our biggest achievement.

What advice would you offer to someone considering a career at Centric?

With its diversity of projects, technologies, and industries, I believe Centric is the kind of company you could easily find your place in. What matters for us is the mindset and drive of the people we hire because that is the engine behind their and our success.