Every day brings new personal development opportunities that I look forward to seizing.

George, is a skilled Software Architect at Centric, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team. His journey at Centric is a testament to the many opportunities and growth oriented environment we foster. In this interview, George shared his experiences, challenges, and the exciting projects that keep him motivated.

What is your role at Centric IT Solutions?

"I work as a Solution Architect in the Public Sector Solutions department at Centric IT Solutions. My main responsibility is to coordinate several teams in the development process. I act as a point of contact for teams requiring external software product information and oversee the development process to ensure adherence to our company's principles and practices."

What do you see as the biggest career opportunity?

"I view my position as a Solution Architect at Centric as a significant opportunity. Coming from a purely technical background, transitioning to this role meant stepping out of my comfort zone and exploring many fascinating areas."

Why did you choose Centric?

"I started at Centric in 2012 as a Junior .NET Developer and moved to freelancing in 2017. I rejoined in 2021 as a Solution Architect. Many colleagues from my earlier tenure were still at Centric, making it easy to return. I knew the team, project opportunities, and the management style. I didn't find any other company in Iasi offering all these benefits, especially the Solution Architect position in PSS. The company had grown in my absence, with more great colleagues, exciting projects, and a management team focused on key company aspects."

How do you and your colleagues make each other better?

"What makes us better each day is our mutual assistance. It's easy to approach a colleague or initiate a Teams call, knowing someone is always there to help with advice, implementation, or references. This network of colleagues makes Centric an extraordinary company."

What is your favorite project or part of working at Centric so far?

"Undoubtedly, the most interesting part of my job is the challenges that come with assisting teams while adhering to company and client policies."

What are you most proud of?

"I'm currently involved in an R&D project for one of the PSS departments. It's the most interesting project I've worked on. What seemed impossible initially, we resolved with tremendous team effort. The results are extraordinary, making this project a milestone I'm very proud of."

What opportunities do you still hope to seize at Centric?

"My background is purely technical, but being a Solution Architect involves much more. There are many aspects to delve into - business, finance, multi-year strategies, marketing, and more. I'm confident that Centric's projects will provide opportunities to explore these areas. Plus, every day brings new personal development opportunities that I look forward to seizing."