Providing a complete shopping experience

Whether you are doing a little retail therapy or just making a quick trip to a nonstop, shopping is an everyday aspect of life. But the way we shop has changed dramatically over the past few years. We no longer have to do our retail therapy or everyday shopping in stores, we can do it online or even a mix of both. At Centric, our team of Belgian, Dutch, and Romanian colleagues work to make that experience as stress free as possible. That’s why we have gone omnichannel.

Our innovative omnichannel solution gives customers everything they need, no matter where they are shopping: at home, on mobile, or in the store. Our customers trust us to deliver the best software services for mobile payments, pick-up and home delivery, click-and-collect, self-scan, and self-checkout, and back office inventory and management.

This means our software can provide store staff all the information they need to provide excellent customer service and a smooth check-out process: information about stock, products, promotions, loyalty bonuses, customers’ personal preferences, and various payment and delivery options. Omnichannel makes all this data available in real time across of touchpoints.

That’s why no matter what type of retailer we work with, supermarkets like Carrefour, fashion chains, discount stores, pharmacies, and more, customers love our product – and their customers love it too.

Daniel Gavril

Technical Lead

"Retail has constantly challenged me to be dynamic and put a lot of focus on growth and development. Working with amazing people to implement solutions our retailers can benefit from has been satisfactory and fulfilling.

I like the diversity of the new challenges that come with each retailer. And that keeps me focused on improving and becoming better along with my colleagues!"

Adina Suditu

Software Developer

"There are a lot of features I have worked on that clients have been satisfied with and we have a phone where we get feedback from product specialists interacting onsite with our clients. They call when they have a problem. It’s always interesting."

Centric Iasi software project product ORS Carrefour
Person using ORS Centric product to scan