Centric Iasi team in the library discussing a project - developer - tester - scrum master

Connecting people with social services

We’ve all had to wait in line at a government office before. And for most of us, it’s not fun. Centric has developed a way for citizens in the Netherlands to access social services a bit easier.

Using our Social Suite software, municipality employees can quickly access information from different sources to get an overview of the citizen’s situation and help them with exactly what they need.

Centric Iasi developer and tester working together at a computer

The convenient eServices software allows citizens to access their personal information and make requests without much extra work for municipality workers. The user-friendliness of the service gives citizens the power to quickly and easily access their information and make changes directly online, without having to visit a government building.

We created these innovative solutions in collaboration with municipalities and citizens to make sure that municipality workers no longer have to worry about managing as many requests and citizens have secure access to their data anytime they need it.

Centric Iasi project team during a SCRUM meeting
Riana Cordunenanu

Software Developer/ Scrum Master

"The communication between the Dutch and Romanian teams is great. We have fun working together. That makes it nice to come to work every day. And I am proud that we have happy clients and that we make their wishes come true as quickly as possible."

“I like working on this project because I get to work through all kinds of problems and face different challenges every day. And when I have an idea about how to improve things, I always feel like I am heard.”

Livia Martiniuc, Software Tester
Centric Iasi project team on the terrace having a coffee
Adrian Tistu

Software Tester/ Scrum Master

"I really like the people I work with and the different technologies. The project is challenging and there’s always new stuff to do.

We went on a trip to a municipality and we saw the project being used by the workers there. They showed us how they use it, what they need it for, and how it makes their work easier. This made me really proud of everything we have accomplished. Plus, we are always improving it to make sure the user gets the best experience."