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At Centric, we are ready for the future. We invest in technologies that will help keep us ahead of the curve – like XR. Our XR team helps clients discover things through AR, VR, and MR that they never thought possible by doing research, creating proofs of concept, and providing innovative XR solutions. We help customers see beyond the 2D world so they can better manage their assets, increase productivity, and improve their customer experience.

Our XR team is working on a diverse range of products in the AR/VR/MR spectrum, innovating in the following areas:

  • Landscape design - Research in collaboration with Wageningen University & Research. Collaborative mixed-reality application that facilitates decision making in landscape design.
  • Road safety - Driving simulator with different road design layouts to check what aspects could improve a driver's attention, therefore decreasing the amount of accidents.
  • Alternative therapy - Virtual reality application for improving emotion recognition and monitoring the progress of children with autism spectrum disorders during therapy.
  • Industry - Facilitating the inspection process for relay checkups, improving the quality, efficiency, and safety of the inspection process.

Our Projects

R&D - VR

Emotion Recognition

In collaboration with psychologists in Iasi, Romania, we created a virtual reality application for improving the recognition of emotions by children with autism during therapy.

The virtual world will help them practice the skill of emotion recognition in the "real world", in a safe and controlled environment by practicing with realistic avatars and minimum therapist supervision.

R&D - AR


With RadAR, users have access to an abundance of new data and AR will enable them to not only see it but also to interact with it. The workflow can be reused in multiple domains by simply adding new content.

This application has multiple use cases:

  • Indoor navigation without changing the physical space
  • Locate points of interest only by scanning the area with the camera
  • Interact with content that is not visible in the real world.

Commercial - MR

Terrain Planner

In collaboration with Wageningen University & Research, we digitized the decision making process for landscape usage by giving participants a better understanding of their options and calculating the impact of their choices, as part of ongoing research on landscape architecture and spatial planning.

In the future, this has the potential to change urban planning as well - visualizing options for faster decision making based on projections of 3D plans in a space – e.g. terrains, parcels, water pump areas, public spaces like parks, playgrounds, community spaces, etc. All this is possible in collaboration with citizens.

“Centric has delivered an impressive product that is unique, and opens up a whole new world of model interfacing and stakeholder workshops. You have succeeded in taking the Interactive Landscape Lab beyond the “wow factor” and made it a functional tool that also looks great and professional.”

Rogier Schulte, prof.dr.ir., Farming Systems Ecology, Wageningen University & Research
Commercial - AR


Our work with Strukton and Relais supports technicians with augmented data for regular inspections or railroad failures.

  • Reduces time spent on work and improves the quality of the relay cabinet inspection process.
  • Information about rail cabinets and their components is available in real time and engineers can keep measurements up to date.
Emerging Trends

Smart Cities & Homes

What's next in the field of XR. We believe in the next few years, XR will push the boundaries of what we thought possible in smart cities and homes.

  • Traffic jams - avoid a certain road ahead of time or find out how long the delay will be
  • Parking – save time when finding available spots in parking lots
  • Pollution data – avoid certain areas with low air quality
  • Metro and public transportation information - comfortable and easy visualization of tickets prices, schedules, delays, engineering work, etc.
  • Crowd management – making better use of existing infrastructure for better flows of people
  • Municipality announcements – an augmented wall for easier and engaging communication of events, programs, advertising, etc.
  • Inspection of properties – easy identification of different physical locations on site (parcels, buildings) to verify improvements and check citizen objections for estimated property evaluation.
  • Virtual meetings – enabling meetings in virtual workspaces where you can collaborate and feel connected with other people

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Andrei Dobjenschi, Software Development Manager

If you wish to know more about this adventure, contact Andrei by email at andrei.dobjenschi@centric.eu or by phone at +40720012220.