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XR Development

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You ready to extend your reality beyond what you thought was possible ….and to help customers do the same? If you want to be on the cutting edge of innovative software products, then our XR team is the place for you.

At Centric, we are ready for the future. We invest in technologies that will help keep us ahead of the curve – like XR. Our XR team helps clients discover things they never thought possible by doing research and creating proofs of concept. We help them see beyond the 2D world so they can better manage their assets, increase productivity, and improve their customer experience.

The XR team is working on a diverse range of products in the AR/VR/MR spectrum, innovating in the following areas:

  • Landscape design - Research in collaboration with Wageningen University & Research. Collaborative mixed-reality application that facilitates decision making in landscape design.
  • Road safety - Driving simulator with different road design layouts to check what aspects could improve a driver's attention, therefore decreasing the amount of accidents.
  • Alternative therapy - Virtual reality application for improving emotion recognition and monitoring the progress of children with autism spectrum disorders during therapy.
  • Industry - Facilitating the inspection process for relay checkups, improving the quality, efficiency, and safety of the inspection process.
XR developer using a hololens to develop a AR VR application
XR Team Leader

XR is the future and it will be a major part of our lives

Florin Zaharia: "I love that Centric believes in, innovates, and invests in the future. XR is the future and it will be a major part of our lives. The XR team is the promoter of XR at Centric, applying this field to various industries. I’m glad that one of the cores of XR is here in Iasi."

Technical Lead

At Centric, you can apply your creativity and share your ideas

Florin Zaharia: "Centric is the only company in Romania I know of that is doing XR like this. We don’t just have a collection of devices; we have a whole team. We work with customers, we make proofs of concept, and we work on projects using XR devices. If you want to do XR, there’s no other place. Centric is a creative playground where your ideas can come to life."

How can I help you?

Andreea Buliga

If you have any questions, contact Andreea by email andreea.buliga@centric.eu, phone +40 722 541 430, or on LinkedIn.