Centric Express

Centric Express is Centric's program intended especially for university students interested in improving their technical and soft skills. It is focused on raising awareness of IT in general, as well as the specific disciplines, technologies, and development methodologies used at Centric.

Since the program started in 2016, around 600 people have participated in over 50 presentations and workshops. It runs for several weekends and includes presentations and workshops about the areas of expertise in Centric: .OOP, .NET, Java, UI/UX and Front-end, Quality Assurance, XR, Cybersecurity, Databases, Infrastructure, and Serverless. Participants represent all levels of education and experience: university students from FII, FEAA, and AC; high school students; professionals; freelancers; and other IT enthusiasts.

Every Saturday, participants stop at a competence "train station". The number of "train stations" is decided before Centric Express begins and is based on feedback from the previous year.

To make things more interesting, during each training session, participants are able to gather points and receive prizes. Every speaker creates their own set of points rules, discussed at the beginning of each session. Of course, at the end of the program, we have three awesome prizes for the top three scorers.
Read more about what you can win and what do you have to do to win, in the rules & regulations of the program.

Centric Iasi Centric Express presentation XR developer
Iulian Mitrea

"Centric Express creates new opportunities for both our colleagues and the participants. We connect with people who are willing to learn and take the next step in their career and it shows how much we care about the next generation of IT workers in Iasi.

As a trainer, you have the opportunity to work with awesome colleagues and learn new technologies/tools or to refresh all your existing knowledge. It’s a good opportunity to check your skills in translating technical aspects into easily digestible information.

This benefits the IT community a lot because we provide raw information about the technologies used on a daily basis in most of the IT companies in Iasi. After these sessions, the participants are more aware of the IT industry and can decide when to step in and take a permanent role in a company."