Software developer mentor meeting his mentee centric scholarship fund

Centric Scholarship Fund

At Centric, many of our employees have had the resources and opportunities to earn Bachelor's degrees, Master's degrees, and even PhDs. Unfortunately, not every student is provided with the necessary tools to help them succeed throughout high school and beyond. The Centric Scholarship Fund helps students in need who have potential, but need that extra boost to make the most of their gifts.

Through the fund, we help motivated students attend high school in Iasi. We do this through scholarship, but also through mentorship. Our colleagues become mentors to the students, becoming important people in their lives - guiding them, teaching them, supporting them, and also learning from them.

The Centric Scholarship Fund is a joint initiative between Centric and Fundatia Comunitare Iasi. It is the first program run by a company in Iasi that involves setting up a scholarship fund, while also focusing on the personal development and psycho-social health of the students.

The fund started in 2015, with 6 scholarships of 3000 lei, offered to gifted students at the computer science high schools of Iasi. The number of scholarships offered has grown every year to a total of 15 scholarships of 4000 lei per year. We contribute to this program through fundraising activities and by matching a Centric mentor with a student to offer guidance and support.

Two software testers sitting together at the computer
Andi Gradinariu

"The Scholarship Fund is a program that helped me understand myself and other people better and the most important part is that I had the opportunity to make a new friend. When I was younger, I also had some mentors that guided me through life, and I felt that I needed to give something back. As a mentor, I tried to share my knowledge and facilitate some meetings in order to answer to all my mentee’s questions. I also earned a lot of things because my mentee is a part of a new generation and he has another perspective on the world in general.

I can say that an important factor in the IT community is sharing and I think my mentee can be a valuable colleague in our company or the IT industry. I think it’s about ‘sharing is caring’ and with collaboration and communication a group becomes stronger."