#GrowWithCentric: internship stories

We have always said that investing in students is an investment in our future. Our partnership with the local Universities and the annual internship program is a big part of our commitment to continuous learning. Find out more about what it means to be a Centric intern, or a student in one of our University courses, from the experience of our former interns & students that are now full-time Centricians.

Gabriela Manole

Software Tester

The software testing course delivered by Lucian Bara for the Faculty of Mathematics was one of the nicest experiences during my student days.

It was a totally different course than the ones I've done before. I came across information and problems encountered in IT companies. I met people who work in this field. I had the opportunity to work in a team, where we further strengthened our relationship.

“I finished an internship in Centric, where I had the opportunity to work on a project with a team very dear to me. I learned even more about testing, developed personally and professionally, and had a wonderful experience despite the pandemic.”

Gabriela Manole
Gabriel Canache

Software Tester

At one point, I did not know exactly what I wanted to do after graduating from college. One day I wanted to be a math teacher, another day, I wanted to work in IT, and another day I was demotivated because I felt like I didn't know anything.

During my 3rd year, I applied for a course delivered by Centric - the only company I found to have one dedicated to software testing. During this course, I learned about manual testing, including testing principles, test types and techniques, the structure of a bug report and a case test, automation testing in C # and Selenium, and how to work in a Scrum team.

“Centric is probably the only company or at least one of the only companies in Iasi that follows the following principle: "First of all, people." I will not explain what it means; I will let it be a mystery. However, you can understand this principle and feel it only if you work here.”

Gabriel Canache

I liked the experience with Centric, especially since I was impressed that, in the end, I was left with a lot of information after just three months.

After the course, I started working for a different company, but I decided to leave it after two years and six months. And the only company that came to mind was Centric, probably because of the beautiful experience I had during the course. I applied on LinkedIn, I was called immediately, and the interviews started. I can say that I had one of the best interview experiences because I felt that I was talking to some friends at one point.

After a few weeks of interviews, I received the news that I got the job. I remember that I was thrilled; I felt that I was a footballer who scored in the last minute of the match and helped the team win.

At Centric, I have learned and continue to learn many technical and soft skills, which help me in my job and everyday life. What impresses me here is that we have courses, within the School of Centric, about whatever you want; I don't think there's an area that is not covered. And enrolling in these courses is really easy, you just have to want it. Not to mention the team building, where I haven't had so much fun in a long time. I can't wait for the Summer Party or the Christmas Party.

Irina Zoitanu

Software Tester

My career path took a different direction in the summer of 2019. Although I was a tenured math professor and things were going very well, I felt I needed a change. I wanted to work in IT, and not only that: I wanted to work in Centric. In the autumn of the same year, I was lucky to be among the students admitted to the Centric internship for the master's degree.

It was a unique experience: I had the opportunity to participate in interactive courses right in the Centric offices, learn Agile work techniques, and test basics with the help of a project team and interactive lessons.

“The internship experience helped me grow. The project team and the girls who mentored me helped me integrate easily. In the last month of the internship, I got to work directly on the project. After the internship, I remained in Centric as a junior tester.”

Irina Zoitanu

A few years later, in March 2021, I saw a post announcing that Centric would do an online internship. Then I took the opportunity to apply. The interviews were a bit difficult, but ironically, working at the robotics club helped me remember the basics of SQL and OOP.

The internship experience helped me grow. The project team and the girls who mentored me helped me integrate easily. In the last month of the internship, I got to work directly on the project. After the internship, I remained in Centric as a junior tester.

Now that I look back, I realize that all my previous experiences have helped me prepare to get here. No matter how hard you try to reach a goal, you have to be confident that you will succeed in the end.

How can I help you?

Georgiana Porusniuc

If you have any questions, contact Georgiana by email at georgiana.porusniuc@centric.eu, phone +40 736 383 120, or on LinkedIn.