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We believe that Centric can not continue to grow if our people do not grow as well. So, we work together with our colleagues to give them opportunities to develop professional skills, discover new ways of thinking, and collaborate with colleagues in Romania and internationally.

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Iulian Rusu

"My career actually started at Centric, when I decided to join the internship program in 2016. Looking back, I still think this is the best decision I could have made for my career.

A few important milestones that I am grateful for are learning what it means to work on a production project, advancing in my career, and sharing my knowledge and experience with others.

I have learned a lot from my colleagues - they are always willing to help. I'm very grateful for that because I have been able to discuss and exchange ideas with a lot of great people. I feel more motivated knowing that I'm around passionate colleagues that are focused on progress - and that makes me want to be better.

If I can say one thing about Centric, it’s that it makes you want to improve yourself daily, learn new things, and discover what's next in your career."

Andreea Condurache

"I’ve been working at Centric since December 2012, so closing in on 10 years (with 2 years of maternity leave). I would say that Centric is more like a family to me. When I started, there were about 40 people here in the Iasi office and now there are over 300. Also, the team I’m a part of is just great and when you are surrounded by nice people, who trust you and help you grow, you have enough motivation to keep growing and going on.

I started working at Centric on a project from Centric Belgium, helping with the conversion of an application build in Oracle forms. Everything I learned about Oracle forms started here. Then, came the opportunity to move to another project that was not only focused on Oracle forms, but also services for a new UI. And now I’m part of a team where I can also work on REST services. Centric was my first employer in the IT field, so what I’ve learned here, along with all the support for growth and learning, really helped me love what I do."

Catalin Pascal

"I first joined Centric Iasi in 2011. In 2014, I had to take a break from working for 4 months, but I rejoined Centric after that break.

While at Centric, I’ve met many good and experienced people from whom I’ve learned a lot. I’ve worked on at least six different products and had the chance to see projects from various perspectives: as a developer, as a scrum master/team leader, and as a project leader. In addition, I had the rare chance to see what it takes to build a company from a really small team of 4 people to over 300 people.

The first project I worked on was by far one of the most significant for me as we had to prove ourselves and show that Iasi was a good place to lay the foundation for a good company. Looking back, I can say that together with my colleagues, we managed to meet the expectations and also gain the trust and friendship of our colleagues in the Netherlands.

There are many reasons I continue to work at Centric after all these years, but if I had to sum it up, I can think of three. First of all, my colleagues - together we managed to overcome many challenges. And all those challenges created a special bond. Second, I’ve seen that Centric is a good place to actually build something that could potentially make the world better, even if it’s just the tiniest bit. And last, but not least, I guess I inevitably grew to care about the company as I saw it slowly grow from 4 to over 300 people. Let’s just say it is a special place for me."

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Ioana Prisacaru

"Sometimes I joke that I’ve been working at Centric for more than 100 years. Really, it’s only 8. I joined the crew on the 1st of June 2012.

I started as a Dynamics AX developer, working as the only AX developer in the Iasi office for most almost the entire time, but with a lot of great colleagues in the Netherlands. When I returned from maternity leave in 2016, the AX department was closed, so I switched to .NET for about a year and after that I started my career as a scrum master. At this moment, I’m the scrum master and acting team leader for one of the best teams in Centric. But I bet all the scrum masters and team leaders say that.

Centric helped me to evolve and to improve my skills, to become a better version of me day after day."

Centric Iasi developers at a training School of Centric
Dana Paval

"I’ve been working at Centric since 2012..... and counting. I started as a software tester on one of the first projects. And right now, on my current project I’m switching between the roles of software tester, scrum master, and acting team lead. I’ve been able to do this because things are very flexible at Centric. This makes it the perfect environment to grow, since I have the freedom to choose what I want to do on the project and outside of it.

At Centric we have many learning opportunities and have experienced colleagues who we can learn a lot from, and this helped me a lot during my career. This is the perfect place to develop your skills, not only technical but also on other areas. Centric offers so many trainings (internal &external), certifications, courses, mentorship program - so it is impossible not to grow."

Alex Popescu

"My career started not at Centric, but at another company as a C++ developer summer intern. During the internship I had the opportunity to see if programming, specifically back end, is something I would like to do for the rest of my life. I quickly found that going home after a day as an intern, I felt very tired and drained. It wasn’t because the work was too difficult or stressful, it was that I was feeling psychologically drained from this type of work. This was not the kind of feeling I wanted to leave work with every day."

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