centric colleagues playing football together

Centric Energize

In late 2017, Centric started a Go Green initiative that encouraged people to use less paper and save energy. This initiative evolved into Centric Energize, which officially launched in June 2018.

What is Centric Energize?

Centric Energize is a program that promotes the Centric Way of Working and Living! We wanted to give people the opportunity to participate in presentations, workshops, and other activities that will help them improve their wellbeing and work/life balance. We know that when people focus on their wellbeing, at work and outside of work, they are happier, more productive, more engaged, and more energized.

Centric Energize is a program for all our colleagues, so it is nothing without them. We are always adapting to their needs and have a steering committee that meets each month to plan events. So, most of our initiatives have come from ideas from colleagues. It’s a team effort to make our personal lives and professional lives better.

Areas of Wellbeing

Centric Energize covers five main areas of wellbeing: Physical, Emotional, Financial, Social, and Environmental.


Learn about your health through presentations from Arcadia and other experts in nutrition and physical health. Accept the challenge of taking the stairs for a week, trying a Meatless Monday, or biking/walking to work every Thursday.


Take some time out to discuss your life and personal development by visiting a group of psychologists we collaborate with. Attend a workshop on mental health, emotional intelligence, mindfulness or other psychological topics.


Take advantage of a great offer from one of the five banks we work with. Schedule a 1-1 financial planning session. Get a great deal from one of our many business partners around the city.


Get to know your colleagues and help out the community through Centric CSR, mentoring programs, Cross for Schools, Swimathon, our yearly team building, and various celebrations throughout the year.


Go green by using eco-friendly products and reducing your waste. Participate in activities for Earth Day and other environmental causes. Make the office a better place by reducing energy consumption and adding more plants.

Team of software developers full stack developers and software testers riding Centric bikes
Lavinia Hritcu

"I would say Centric Energize is the place where you can take a creative break, the place where your passions can be put into practice in an impactful way. Energize kind of gives me a purpose. It creates a context where I can come with ideas, that at some point will have a positive impact on other people’s lives in one way or another.

I think Centric Energize perfectly reflects the values of Centric. In everything we do, we put our colleagues first. We always try to create contexts that will help them feel better, live better and more beautifully. We care a lot, not only about our colleagues, but about their families, too, and we try to organize as many activities as possible that families can participate in. Because in the end, we’re one big family."

Valentina Patrascu

"I think Centric Energize is a thoughtful program. It shows that Centric cares. It is a program that enables people to engage in other activities that are not work related, but that help people get to know each other, to help them get to know themselves better, or learn more about interests other than work. This is nice because it is a way to disconnect from daily work stress. Besides the fact that Centrc Energize energizes you, it is good to do something different than normal, work-related stuff - if keeps you mentally fit.

Being a part of Centric Energize really proves to me how important it is to get to know people and to get to know them from different points of view. I develop connections with people. And knowing and interacting with them on another level helps the team perform better; it creates psychological safety when you know people on a personal level. And this safety helps me and everyone else perform better."

Two Centric colleagues from Managed Services taking a break playing table tennis ping pong
Iuliana Iacob

"Centric Energize really energizes me. Sometimes in the field of IT, we just tend to go in a technical direction and lose touch with other things in life. With this program, we can reconnect with a lot of other things: meetings with doctors, dance classes, charity, meetings with psychologists, etc. This is a nice break from work, but we also get a lot of advice that helps us in our lives.

At Centric, I can say that we really focus on people. We want to make sure that people are okay. It’s not just that people come to work, work, and then go home. We make sure that people are okay at work and outside of work. You can also see that Centric is focused on developing people and helping them grow, and really connecting people. Centric Energize unites us through CSR projects. It really is a part of Connect Engage Succeed. We connect, engage in these projects, and then succeed by giving back and seeing the impact our actions really had on people’s lives."