Mentorship Program

At Centric, we value putting people first and helping them grow and develop. In line with these values, we created a mentorship program where less experienced colleagues can get guidance and support from more experienced colleagues. The goals of the program are to increase the transfer of knowledge between colleagues, create a culture where knowledge is easily shared with others, and to help build honest relationships.

Sabina Carare

"I see the Centric Mentorship Program as a learning opportunity for both mentors and mentees: mentees validate and increase their knowledge and mentors learn how to inspire and adapt to different learning styles. In the end, there’s trust built between the two people, which is priceless.

We often tend to focus on our own project. This program offers a new perspective on your work and someone you can exchange ideas with. It has been nice interacting with other colleagues, learning about their achievements and struggles, having a safe space to grow, learning how to adapt, and so much more.

And I’ve learned a great deal about myself along the way, both personally and technically. Every interaction, exchange of ideas, or question pushes me towards wanting to improve. And there’s a bit of satisfaction seeing your mentees grow."

Irina Procopciuc

"I think the Centric Mentorship Program is a great opportunity for sharing knowledge and continuous learning. I decided to get involved in this program because I wanted to grow and learn more on the technical side. Also, I wanted to learn from a person with more experience, rather than from online tutorials and books. Having a mentor helped me improve my technical skills and gave me a wider view on what I should learn next and how I should focus on things one by one. The knowledge sharing is nice, but it is also great to get to know people and to create a bond with someone."

Alexandra Folvaiter

"The Centric Mentorship Program is about collaboration and knowledge. It gives you the opportunity to develop or learn new skills while collaborating with other colleagues. I have been a mentee because I liked the idea of continuously learning and getting the opinion of a more experienced colleague. Another nice thing is that the colleagues involved are from other teams, so the diversity of knowledge and the diversity of experiences attracted me.

The best thing about this program is that you can decide what you want to learn or experiment with. I started to collaborate with new people and learn new skills that helped me in work-related situations and personal ones.

You have the possibility to choose mentors that have various skills and lots of experience with topics that interest you. The people are friendly, enthusiastic, open to new challenges, and eager to learn new things."

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