students software developers QA software testers sitting in a conference room working on laptops, listening to a trainer in a course

School of Centric

At Centric, we offer many opportunities for continuous development. That’s why we periodically organize training sessions or facilitate and financially support our colleagues’ desires to participate in different events meant to help them improve their technical and soft skills.

In April 2016, we launched School of Centric, a concept designed to help our colleagues achieve their personal and professional goals in a structured, consistent and pleasant manner.

What is School of Centric?

School of Centric is a dedicated department that aims to develop and support institutional and individual capabilities to deliver performance in line with the strategies of Centric IT Solutions Romania.

The role of the program is to support every employee in the process of continuous learning and professional development, facilitating access to different courses, conferences, books, e-learning platforms and other learning resources.

Technical & Soft Skills Courses

We have an enthusiastic training team that excels at adapting and customizing courses to the needs of our employees, creating examples and exercises that lead to a better understanding of the concepts.

Mentorship Program

We always try to put forward initiatives that help us grow personally and grow as a company, as well. One such initiative is the Centric Mentorship Program. The aim of the whole program is not to simply transfer knowledge from a mentor to a mentee, but to create, inside Centric, a culture where knowledge is shared easily with others while building honest relationships.

An Internal Library

We have a library where employees can find hundreds of books on various topics: business development, personal development, software development, networking, design, and more.

Network of training providers

We are always looking for new providers and trainers in the education market who can help us offer the best educational experiences.

E-learning Platforms

We have licenses for Pluralsight, Udemy, and CBTNuggets that employees can use to get access to courses in various fields.


We provide funding for certifications that employees can use to access different courses and certification exams like Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, Business Analyst, ISTQB, and Prince2@Foundation&Practitioner.

Software developers and QA software testers sitting at tables, working on laptops during a training course
Robert Cojocaru

Software Tester & School of Centric Trainee

"School of Centric is a very good opportunity to learn something new from your colleagues, or to teach your colleagues. I participated in some SoC courses because I wanted to learn new technologies and approaches. For example, I recently took a few courses on performance testing and web services testing. I was able to learn something useful in my field, in an environment that encourages feedback and where everyone tries to improve. The best thing about this program is the fact the you learn or teach alongside the people you work with."

“School of Centric is the type of school I wish I could have attended as a child. It gives you a lot of opportunities to learn new things and find out about others' experiences. The trainers and trainees build collaborative relationships and learn from each other. Without School of Centric the amount of knowledge inside the company wouldn't be at a such high level.”

Alin Rotundu

Ionela Marinica

Team Lead & School of Centric Trainer

"School of Centric is an amazing program, and I believe every company - regardless of the business domain - should have such initiatives for their employees. With SoC, employees have the opportunity to invest in their development both at work and at home. Centric is really keen on helping people grow and School of Centric is a great program in that respect.

For me, School of Centric is a place where dreams come true. I love trainings (as a participant and a trainer) and I’ve been looking for a place to be a trainer for quite some time. So, since joining Centric, I have enjoyed attending some great courses, but also delivering my own.

I really like the fact that it includes trainings from a range of topics and areas, not only technical. There are courses on communication, giving and accepting feedback, leadership, writing, scrum and other Agile methodologies, and security. I think there is a perfect balance in what it offers, and it contains the exact mix someone in software development should be familiar with. I also find it really great that trainings are interactive, allow participants to be involved; they perfectly combine the theoretical part with practical exercises.

School of Centric provides a lot of benefits to our colleagues, and this is true for those that choose to be participants, but also for those that are trainers. For participants, School of Centric offers the opportunity to learn new things, to acquire new skills, to connect with colleagues, to share information and exchange ideas or simply discuss technical challenges they’ve encountered on their projects. For trainers, it also provides the chance to expand their comfort zone by getting involved in other activities apart from their day-to-day duties. In addition, it allows them to be actively involved in their colleagues’ progress.

On an IT community level, I believe such programs emphasize the importance of personal and professional development, and how helpful it is for companies to be as involved as possible in supporting their people’s growth.

Those involved in School of Centric are a fun, smart group of enthusiastic people who have a lot to share and being part of that group is really nice."

Front end developers and full stack developers working during a training
Adelin Pamint

Software Developer & School of Centric Trainee

"For me, School of Centric is a resource-rich learning environment - an opportunity for more experienced colleagues to share their knowledge and for less experienced colleagues to learn from people that really know what they’re doing.

Something great about School of Centric is the diversity of the courses - there aren’t only courses for software development, but also for soft skills. Another thing is learning in a group, where there is a diverse group of people working toward the common goal of developing a new skill.

For me personally, School of Centric really helped my career development as I was able to attend courses that helped me switch from QA to development."

“I recently had the opportunity to be a trainer in School of Centric International. Me and some colleagues from Iasi traveled to the Netherlands to hold a training. This was exciting, but also challenging. I didn’t know if we would have problems with language barriers, cultural differences, age differences, or different career levels. In the end, everything worked out well. A lot of the things I was a bit nervous about were not really an issue and everyone involved gained something from the experience.”

Andrei Apetrei

Brindusa Gamaniata

QA Lead & School of Centric Trainer

"My first involvement in School of Centric was as a trainer, when I was asked to hold the Selenium Essentials training. I had the chance to prepare the course and make it better over time. This course was first done internally in Iasi and last year, we had the chance to do it in the Netherlands. It's called School of Centric International. It was a challenge to adapt the course for a different audience. But it was nice to be able to share what we know and our colleagues in the Netherlands enjoyed it. I also helped teach the Selenium Essentials course at the Math Faculty and FEAA. Now others teach the courses but, in this way, people grow from participant to trainer and from trainer to coach.

Another great part of School of Centric is the opportunity to become Train the Trainer certified. It was a nice opportunity to improve the way that I teach. I also felt more like a teacher this way - learning how to create a course, create a plan, goals, expectations, and what our colleagues will learn. This was also implemented by other trainers that got certified. You can see this in the way the courses are described and organized.

School of Centric also gave me the opportunity to try courses in other disciplines. As someone with years of experience in QA, I was able to take courses in development. I decided to do this to better understand what developers are doing and what's behind what I am testing. I also went to a Docker course and now I know more and can create a proof of concept.

The best part of School of Centric is that you can help improve things. You can actually make things happen. It’s great to see change happening. You can see that people are going to courses and practicing what they learned."

Iuliana Minea

Software Developer & School of Centric Trainer

"Centric is one of the most people-oriented companies and School of Centric is one of the best programs that reflects its values. Helping people develop is the heart of the Centric culture and that is exactly what School of Centric is.

I’ve been involved in School of Centric for the past few years as a trainee, and this year I decided to become a trainer. If I had to describe this experience in a few words, it would be “pay it forward”. Seeing the School of Centric trainers sharing their knowledge played an important part in me deciding to become a trainer.

There is a saying, that you really know a subject if you are able to teach it to others. I can say that this is 100% true, since teaching a course made me realize that my knowledge had strengthened and explaining technical topics comes more naturally to me now.

The foundation of School of Centric is the knowledge sharing mindset, which results in increased technical knowledge within our colleagues and really, the entire IT community of Iasi."