I had great people in my team who helped and mentored me throughout my journey.

With a seven-year journey at Centric, Andra is a testament for Centric's culture of growth and versatility. From starting as a UI/UX design intern to evolving into her current role, her journey shows off the endless opportunities provided at Centric. Her story is a story of passion, teamwork, and innovation – all the things that make Centric a special place to be!

What is your role at Centric IT Solutions?

I am the Technical Product Owner for the Innovation Team, overseeing a suite of six products focused on sustainability, circularity of materials, participatory public space design, and boosting local economies.

What do you see as the biggest career opportunity?

The biggest opportunity for my career was having the freedom and support to do what I love, and being able to change roles. I started as a UI/UX design intern, continued as a software developer, and now I am a Technical Product Owner. I had great people in my team who helped and mentored me throughout my journey.

Why did you choose Centric?

I chose Centric because I heard from colleagues at my faculty that it is a great company to start your career. You have assigned mentors, internal and external courses, and a lot of resources to learn from. I also heard that they are a people-centered company, which turned out to be true from my experience.

How do you and your colleagues make each other better?

We make each other better by having a lot of knowledge-sharing sessions. Each person in the team has his or her favorite area from which they can share experiences or knowledge with others in the team. Besides knowledge sharing, we put a lot of emphasis on code reviews and discussing technical difficulties together.

What is your favorite project or part of working at Centric so far?

My favorite project at Centric is Furban, which is also my baby-project. Furban is a platform that enables the citizens of a city to be part of the decisions regarding public spaces. It’s my favorite because I had the opportunity to see it grow from scratch to the mature product it is today. My team and I were involved in developing everything from UI/UX, software development, testing, marketing, and a bit of selling.

What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the fact that we had the first product sold on the Romanian market. We had two projects in Romania, one pilot project in Floresti, Cluj, and another one in Bucharest. I can’t be proud of the product without being proud of my team, which helped build this awesome product.

What opportunities do you still hope to seize at Centric?

I think I would like to have the opportunity to work on something for our local community or for our city, Iasi. We have a lot of knowledge in terms of implementing solutions for the public sector, and I think it would be a great opportunity to apply them to our city as well.