Connecting citizens with their municipality - online

Visiting a municipality office shouldn’t be something that people try to avoid, but for many it is. Long lines. Endless paperwork. Confusing bureaucracy. It all adds up to a pretty bad experience.

Many municipalities in the Netherlands are using eDiensten, Centric’s product to help them connect with and serve their citizens better. With the application, citizens can request documents right from home, without ever having to go to an office – notifying city hall about a change in address, the birth of a child, an upcoming marriage, a lost/missing document, etc. With just a few clicks, a citizen can make a request or send a notification, pay the fee, and have the documents sent to their address.

For the municipality worker, this makes it much easier and faster to receive information, process it, and respond. It works out to be a win-win for everyone.

Full stack developer NET developer working at a computer
Iuliana Iacob

Software Tester

"I like being a software tester because I get to discover issues before they get to the end user. I really believe the product is user friendly and helps users, and I get to help with that. Sometimes it is challenging when we receive bug reports and we have no idea how to replicate them, but that helps me learn and can also be fun."

Front end developers and full stack developers working during a training
Dragos Burghelea

Full stack Developer

"What I enjoy most about the project is the awesome team (both in Romania and in Netherlands) and the idea that the project is useful for a large number of Dutch citizens. We are very united, hardworking, involved, passionate and create a very good atmosphere. Even when we had struggles, we managed to overcome them by working together and finding solutions.

It also provided me with a very good opportunity to learn new things regarding SaaS and further enhanced my programming skills. Being a SaaS solution, some clients asked for a very high uptime, providing us with the opportunity to work with load balancing servers and other technologies that most projects do not require.

We, as a team, had the opportunity this year to go to a client presentation in the Netherlands. There, we interacted with the customers and heard their opinions regarding the product. They were very happy with our work and recommended us to other municipalities. We help municipalities by providing high quality solutions, with high uptime, with continuous development and fast bug fixing."