Helping communities protect the environment

Climate change is an often-debated topic by national and local governments around the world. While many people agree that the environment should be a priority when it comes to making decisions, it can be difficult to come to an agreement and then to put those agreements into practice.

At Centric, we are helping municipalities in the Netherlands do just that. Our product is being created based on how municipalities will have to adapt to the upcoming Environment & Climate Change Law.

The platform is for governmental workers and is meant to be a place where they can find everything they need to do their jobs. From digital centralization of folders containing every action that would otherwise be done on paper (such as fees, the ability to ask for and receive advice from colleagues, managing permits, performing inspections, storing documents, etc.), to inspections with detailed checklists that can be performed by specialists at any location, even without an internet connection.

We also use national services that connect to the national request platform for the new law, to provide official addresses and other details about citizens and companies to provide an admin module where employees can configure everything according to their needs.

Our goal is to create a user-friendly application that makes it easier for municipality workers to do their jobs – avoiding some of the red tape that can make life more difficult.

software tester looking at code on the computer
Eldorina Grigorescu

Software Developer

"As a developer, I like to think that I give life to the product. And the team is very important in this. When people get along well, follow the same goals, and cooperate, they are free to use their energy and intelligence for making quality products. This gives me the opportunity to learn new things quite often, to resolve different types of situations/problems. This challenges me to keep improving my skills. Even though my role is a technical one, I have also personal challenges which help me evolve and be my best self, something that is really important for me."

Centric colleagues sitting together talking after work
Andreea Samson

Software Tester

"What I like most about my project is the freedom and flexibility offered to us in terms of ways of testing. Working on quite a big project, we are given the opportunity to experiment and apply different types of testing, from web services to automation, security and performance testing. We need to ensure a high level of quality from all points of view and by doing so, we grow as professionals and stay up to date with the latest technologies.

It is very fulfilling to see an idea you had transform into reality and be further adapted by the whole team. Some time ago, I tried automating web services in order to more easily provide prerequisites for our automated tests. Starting with a small proof of concept, we reached a point where we developed this side a lot more and now it is used in hundreds of tests.

I believe that, along with the project you’re working on, the team you’re working with is very important. I am very lucky from both points of view, as the project is constantly expanding and presenting new technical challenges. We are constantly communicating with clients and potential clients, to ensure that their needs are listened to and met and that they are happy with what we develop each sprint. And, at the same time, the team gets along really well. Even though we are a large group, we learned to communicate efficiently, to work hard but also have fun together and always help each other."