"I do what I have always dreamed of doing."

Growth is a big part of our culture, especially through our learning & development department - School of Centric. Our colleagues are continuously challenging themselves to grow both professionally and personally - and share some of their insights about the learning and growth process below.

Software Developer

Alexandru Minzatanu

What motivates you to learn?

For me, the motivation to learn is directly proportional to the passion I have in the current field, a passion that comes from the fact, this field is very dynamic, and something new appears every day, something that will keep you hooked and make you feel fulfilled at the end of each day.
Besides passion, the motivation to learn also comes from the fact that I do what I have always dreamed of doing; I have been attracted to the IT domain since I interacted with the first PC as a child.

How do you make time for learning?

In Centric, learning is part of company culture, so it's easy to find a way
that suits you, even if it is about setting goals through PDP or discussing with your TL to access an internal, external course or workshops/conferences. On the other hand, the project I work on is a way to learn every day without setting a specific time for the learning process.

What is the most useful/ interesting thing you have learned recently?

Reading about the happiest people in the world, I learned about the concept of "hygge" and how some simple skills and small things like a lighted candle, a cup of tea, or a fluffy scarf can contribute to your overall well-being.

What was your biggest failure, and what did you learn from it?

Because of the way I am, I would not use "biggest failure," but an important thing that I learned using the long path, is the fact that it is necessary, when working with different people, to give importance and to make a considerable effort to understand different perspectives from yours, and to see on what values/information/feelings those perspectives were built.

Who has been the most inspirational person for your career and why?

In the +7 years since I worked in Centric, I can say that in every team I was part of, there was at least one person I looked at as a model, whether it was a Senior Developer or TL or Senior Tester, and from which I "borrowed" a certain ability or information or way of looking at things.