Making it easier to valuate taxable properties

Waarderen is a renewal project (part of Tiber) that’s goal is to redesign the old Key2Waarderen desktop application and create a RESTful services API to be used by a new UI. Waarderen means “valuation”, so the application helps manage the taxable value of every fixed property (house, shop, land, etc.) that a citizen or a company might own.

Our customers are municipalities in the Netherlands and this is important for them as they need to view and update the value of different properties in order to calculate the correct tax.

For our end users, the municipality workers, the modern UI interface being created will make it easier and more efficient for them to make edits, calculate taxes, find information, and interact with citizens.

Full stack developer NET developer working at a computer
Elena Apostol

Software Tester

"Working on this project has offered me the possibility to work with different technologies. It was a new challenge for me from which I had a lot to learn and gain new knowledge.

The team is a group of wonderful people, which is why time spent at work is more fun. The fact that there is very good collaboration between us makes work easier, and you can see this in our results. I feel proud that we have succeeded in incorporating new parts into the project and helped it grow."

“I am proud of the great team we have and the great spirit that helps us work well together. At some point, our product owner took ownership of other small applications and gave them to us to maintain. I thought it means that we do a great job and he can rely on us.”

Vladimir Condratov Software Developer
full stack developer smiling as she works on a software product
Andreea Condurache

Software Developer

"I enjoy working on the backend part for another team that will generate XML messages using Advance Queue in Oracle, instead of ASCII files. It’s also interesting and challenging when I start working on a functionality that is new for me, getting to understand it and make connections with everything I’ve learned until then."