Application Developer

Nieuwe Maas - a complete financial solution

In Nieuwe Maas, we are working on putting a new and friendlier face to a financial app's already in use interface and migrating it to the cloud.

The app represents a complete financial solution focused on work processes, custom-made to tailor the client's needs (the Dutch municipalities) and very much loved by the client.

After this project is complete, the end-user will benefit from a faster app and use it on the latest browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, Edge. Using the Centric Styleguide components and their themes, we will create a feeling of familiarity for users who have already used other Centric apps aligned with our Styleguide.

The challenge we are facing is refactoring it but at the same time keeping it as it was.

Constantin Cirdei

Application Developer

"Our everyday challenge resides in 3 questions: How can we make this efficient? How can we improve this? Which solution is the best one? Since the beginning of our project, we were always oriented towards progress and increasing the quality of our code. Knowing that the delivered product is "top-notch" makes me confident it will be a successful one. And at the end of the day, the excellent collaboration in our team, all the small laughs help the wrinkled foreheads makes it fun."

Monica Roman

Scrum Master & Team Leader

"All the positive feedback we received so far from our clients and also the internal stakeholders made us feel fulfilled and proud about the progress our project has made so far. Our team is divided between 3 countries - Romania, The Netherlands, and Lithuania - and we never got to meet each other in person because of the pandemic. But we made up for it with regular informal meetings that helped us collaborate better and overcome some challenges.

We are planning to launch an MVP, and I believe that the perfect mix we have in our team - of skilled, flexible people, with business knowledge and genuinely dedicated to this project - will help us succeed in our endeavor."