Red Team Portal - the security vulnerabilities tracker

Security has been at the forefront of industry discussions in the last couple of years, with software security, especially, being of utmost importance. Considering this, we saw the usefulness in an application focused on just that, which all Centric offices could benefit from.

RedTeam Portal is a product that offers the possibility to keep track of all the security vulnerabilities in existing applications, helping customers increase their awareness of security matters and providing a tool for management to make decisions aligned with strategic goals.

In the long term, our goal is to make sure everything is done through a single platform, where you have all the information grouped in one place, and everyone involved in the process can access the necessary information. This is done based on access rights and the role assigned in the application, to ensure confidentiality of sensitive data.

Ionela Barbuta

Team Leader

“Before joining the project, what I found most appealing was the fact that it was all about security, a topic which I quite enjoy. After becoming part of the team, I really liked working with the people in the project and started to fully appreciate their commitment. Although it is a smaller team, all members are responsible and passionate, no matter the challenges we face.

We work well together, consistently trying to improve, and I always know I can count on them to do a good job. Virtual coffee breaks and online lunches became the new norm since we could not meet in person anymore, and we also like to cook (albeit online) or play games together. Slowly but steadily, the project and the team are growing and working hard to fulfill their potential. We have big plans and expectations for the product and we are looking forward to seeing what comes next.”